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Faculty of Science (SC) – Space Science


The Department of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Science with the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering, Lassonde School of Engineering, jointly offers a Specialized Honours degree in space science. After completing a two-year foundational curriculum, space science students may choose one of two options: the first, which focuses upon the observation of the earth and atmosphere from space, is provided by the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering, Lassonde School of Engineering; the second, which focuses upon space astronomy and space exploration, is provided by the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Science. Students in good standing may transfer Faculties if necessary to follow the stream of their choice. Courses for the third and fourth years for each option are noted below.

The space science core is defined as: LE/ESSE 1010 3.00; LE/ESSE 1011 3.00; SC/MATH 1025 3.00; SC/PHYS 1070 3.00; LE/EECS 2501 1.00; LE/ESSE 2030 3.00; LE/ESSE 2470 3.00; SC/MATH 2015 3.00; SC/MATH 2271 3.00; SC/PHYS 2010 3.00; SC/PHYS 2020 3.00; SC/PHYS 2030 3.00; SC/PHYS 2040 3.00; SC/PHYS 2060 3.00; SC/PHYS 2213 3.00.

Note: alternatively the first year engineering core would be an acceptable substitute for the first year courses.

All Honours BSc degree candidates are encouraged to complete a non-credit industrial internship (normally salaried). This provides experience in a four-month to 12-month placement, normally after the third year of study.

Specialized Honours

A. General education:

B. Major requirements:

Earth and Atmospheric Science stream

Physics and Astronomy stream

C. Science breadth: satisfied by above requirements.

D. Upper level requirement: a minimum of 42 credits at the 3000 level or above.

E. Additional elective credits, as required, for an overall total of 120 credits.

F. Standing requirements: to graduate in an Honours program requires successful completion of all Faculty requirements and departmental required courses, a minimum cumulative credit-weighted grade point average of 5.00 (C+) over all courses completed.

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