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Faculty of Science (SC) – Applied Biotechnology


The Department of Biology at York University and the School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry at Seneca College offer a joint BSc (Tech) degree program in Applied Biotechnology. Students will enter the four year program by beginning their studies at Seneca College’s School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry. Following the successful completion of the first two and a half years of the curricula at the Biotechnology Technologist (Research) program at Seneca, students will transfer to the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science where they will complete the last year and a half of the program at York. Upon completion of this program, students will receive a York University BSc (Tech) degree in applied biotechnology. This program will prepare students to enter the workforce in the biotechnology industry, government laboratories and university research laboratories.

For Seneca College course requirements, consult the Biotechnology Technologist (Research) program in the Seneca College Calendar.

The York University course requirements are as follows:

BSc (Tech): 90 credits including:

45 transfer credits for successful completion of the first two and a half years of the program at the approved joint program partner Seneca College.

All students must complete the following core:

All students must complete a minimum of ten credits from the following list of courses:

Based on the requirements noted above, students must take a minimum of 45 credits of which 30 credits must be taken at York as a minimum residency requirement.

To graduate in this program, students must have a minimum overall York grade point average of 4.00 (C).

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