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Glendon College (GL)

School of Women’s Studies Office/Bureau de l’École des études des femmes : 206 Founders College, Tel.: 416-650-8144
Web site:
Chair of the School/Directrice de l’École études des femmes : B. Bradbury
Director of Undergraduate Programs/Directrice des programmes de premier cycle : J. Kainer
Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Program Office/Bureau du programme : 206 Founders College, Tel.: 416-650-8144
Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Program Coordinator/Coordonnatrice du programme du Liberal Arts and Professional Studies : J. Kainer
Mature Student Program Office/Bureau du programme d’éducation aux adultes : 206 Founders College, Tel.: 416-650-8144
Adviser and Mature Student Coordinator/Conseillère et Coordonnatrice du programme d’éducation aux adultes : Alison Crosby
Glendon Program Office/Bureau du programme de Glendon : 125 York Hall, Tel.: 416-487-6828
Glendon Program Coordinator/Coordonnatrice du programme à Glendon : A. François
Faculty Members in the School of Women’s Studies/Membres du corps enseignant
Professors/Professeures : L. Briskin, M. Kadar, V. Lindström, M. Luxton, H. Moghissi, L. Peake
Professors Emeriti/Professeures émerites : N. Black, J. Couchman, S. Houston, T. McCormack, S. Pyke, V. Rock, S. Romalis, R. Shteir, J. Stuckey, C. Thomas, S. Wilkinson
Associate Professors/Professeures agrégées : B. Bradbury, E. Dua, J. Kainer, F. Latchford, P. McDermott, G. Mianda, J. Michaud, R. Newman, J. Newton, B. Noble, A. O’Reilly, L. Ripley, M. Stein, C. van Daalen-Smith
Associate Professor Emeriti/Professeure agrégée émerites : E. Hine, E. Reiter, A. Testaferri
Assistant Professors/Professeures adjointes : A. Crosby, A. François, A. Mitchell

Women’s Studies

Women's studies is both a complement and a corrective to established fields at York and a new academic discipline of its own. Until recently, both the humanities and the social sciences reflected predominantly male perspectives. Women have been largely invisible in literature, art, history, philosophy, politics, social sciences and law. Through cross-cultural and disciplinary assessment, women's studies exposes misconceptions about women expressed through myth, ideologies, teachings and writings. It replaces negative cultural images of women with visions that reaffirm women's strength, capability and intelligence.

The School of Women’s Studies unites academic resources at York University in women’s studies, bringing together the undergraduate and graduate programs, the non-credit Bridging program, and the Centre for Feminist Research/le centre de recherches féministes à York.

A feature which distinguishes the Women’s Studies program offered at Glendon from the program offered in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies is its bilingual focus. Non-parallel courses are offered in both English and French. As a result, a genuine dialogue develops between the approaches of anglophones and francophones to theory, philosophy, literature, legal structures and language.

Students may pursue a degree in women’s studies in the Faculties of Glendon or Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. For specific program requirements, please consult the relevant Programs of Study sections.

Departmental and Divisional Courses in Women’s Studies

For an up-to-date listing of courses in other departments and divisions that count for program credit, please refer to the School of Women’s Studies annual supplemental calendar.

Courses in Women’s Studies/Cours en études des femmes

Not all courses will necessarily be offered in any given year. Courses may be offered at Glendon or on the Keele campus, during the day or in the evening. For information about specific offerings, or for a listing of other courses that count towards program credit, please consult the School of Women’s Studies supplemental calendar.

Note: for purposes of meeting program requirements, all foundations courses will count as six credits towards the major.

Women's studies is offered by the Faculties of Glendon and Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.