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Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP)

Location: S561 Ross Building, Tel.: 416-736-5016
Web site:
Program Coordinator: G. Alboiu
Affiliated Faculty: G. Alboiu, P. Angermeyer, P. Avery, S. Ehrlich, S. Embleton, R. King, B. Miller, I. Smith, J. Walker

Linguistics is the scientific study of natural language organization. It concerns itself with discovering the universal principles of human language and applying these principles to provide systematic descriptions of individual languages. To this purpose, linguists investigate sound and word patterns, sentence structure, language usage and change, the acquisition of first and second languages, as well as the relationship between language and the mind and language and society.

Because language mediates virtually all forms of human endeavour, the study of linguistics can provide new perspectives on almost every aspect of the humanities and social sciences. In addition, it has applications to primary and secondary education, speech-language pathology and the applied sciences of communication engineering and computer science.