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Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP)

Location: S672 Ross Building, Tel.: 416-736-5265
Web site:
Program Coordinator: TBA
Affiliated Faculty: I. Bakker, A. Bayefsky, D. Dewitt, E. Dosman, S. Gill, J. Hellman, S. Hellman, S. Henders, D. Leyton-Brown, K. McRoberts, A. Mukherjee-Reed, D. Mutimer, S. Newman, J. Nitzan, L. North, L. Panitch, S. Plekhanov, O. Subtelny, S. Whitworth

The Specialized Honours BA program in Global Political Studies (GPS) provides students with the skills required to analyze global political forces, as well as giving them a broad and liberal education. The GPS program provides an excellent background for future public service work abroad, especially when combined with selected courses in the Public Policy and Administration program. As well, the GPS program is useful for anyone who hopes to find private sector employment in a job dealing with international issues, or for anyone who hopes to pursue graduate studies in international relations or comparative world politics.

Students may wish to specialize in areas such as development studies, post-communist studies, area studies, peace and security, or international political economy for the purposes of preparing for graduate school or for a particular employment goal. These students should consult the program coordinator to seek advice about appropriate course selection.