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Academic Advising and the BES Program Checklist Print

It is critical that students enrolled in BES programs meet with the program adviser to ensure that all degree requirements are met through a completed BES program checklist form. The advising meeting will guide second-, third- and fourth-year course selections and allow students to discuss future objectives and ensure that the courses selected keep important options open for each student.

The BES program checklist is extremely important; it ensures that all students meet the requirements of their declared area of concentration. Each student is required to submit to the program adviser a completed BES program checklist by the end of April. An incomplete or improper submission of a BES program checklist form may result in a delay in registration and may prohibit enrolment in desired and/or required courses.

Students considering the course-based option (CBO) for their program of study are not required to enrol in: ES/ENVS 3011 3.00 Introduction to Senior Honours Work or ES/ENVS 4000 6.00 Senior Honours Work Seminar. However, students must select alternative courses in their area of concentration to replace the requirements. Those who have already completed ES/ENVS 3011 3.00 are under no obligation to complete ES/ENVS 4000 6.00 and can still opt for the CBO. Students pursuing the CBO must submit the appropriate petitions form available from the Office of Student Academic Services, 137 HNES.

Please note that those considering taking ES/ENVS 4000 6.00 (i.e. the thesis option) should be prepared to devote a considerable amount of time and attention to their research, analysis and write-up in a relatively unstructured format that some may find very challenging, labour-intensive and time-consuming. Only those who understand this and are committed to such a process should consider the thesis option.

Advising appointments can be made through the Office of Student and Academic Services, room 137 HNES or by phone at 416-736-5286. Students who fail to follow the above will be blocked from enrolment and registration for fall/winter sessions, unless they have an advising appointment or hand in a completed BES program checklist.