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Faculty of Education Resource Centre and Computer Lab (ERC)

These facilities support students by providing a network of computers and a collection of books, activity files, manipulatives and other types of educational resources. ERC staff assist students with their resource needs. For further information, please visit

Faculty of Education Students’ Association (FESA)

All undergraduate students registered in the Faculty, including stop-out students, are members of the Faculty of Education Students’ Association (FESA). The FESA Council is the official student government of the Faculty, and seeks to represent student opinion and interest within the Faculty and University as a whole. FESA representatives sit on several Faculty committees, on the York Federation of Students, and on the University Senate. Serving pre-service teacher candidates from concurrent and consecutive programs, FESA strives to cultivate a sense of community among over 1,600 students, across two campuses and 10 off-campus sites. Among other initiatives, FESA sponsors professional development workshops, social activities, book fairs and an annual conference. FESA also produces a newspaper and Faculty of Education merchandise. The FESA Office is located in 116 Winters College, tel.: 416-736-2100, ext. 88779.