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Stop-Out Year* Print

Candidates in the Concurrent program may be eligible to take a stop-out year; that is, a year in which the candidate enrols in courses in the academic degree, but does not enrol in any education courses.

The stop-out year permits candidates to progress toward completion of the academic degree, while not progressing further toward the education degree. This may be appropriate to permit a candidate a period of concentrated study in the discipline, to extend one’s teaching subject academic background prior to an intermediate or senior division practicum seminar, or simply to balance the progress in the two degrees to ensure that concurrency regulations will be fulfilled and both degrees will be completed in the same year.

Stop-out years are normally taken between the education I and education II years but may also be taken between the education II and education III years. Candidates are not eligible to do more than one stop-out year during the course of their BEd program. Regulations governing concurrency must be adhered to by candidates exercising the stop-out option. Stop-out forms are available from the Education Office of Student Programs and online at

*Please note that stop-out years are not mandatory and should only be used where necessary to ensure that concurrency is maintained and that both degrees are completed in the same year.