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Courses are to be chosen in consultation with an education mathematics adviser. The following courses, or approved equivalents, must be included for a first or second teachable in mathematics:

Suggested proof-based courses: SC/MATH 1200 3.00; SC/MATH 3020 6.00; SC/MATH 3050 6.00; SC/MATH 3140 6.00; SC/MATH 3260 3.00; SC/MATH 4160 3.00; SC/MATH 4161 3.00, with SC/MATH 3050 6.00 Introductions to Geometries strongly recommended.

Suggested modeling courses: SC/MATH 3090 3.00; SC/MATH 3170 6.00; SC/MATH 4090 3.00.

These courses cover the requirements for a second teachable (24 credits). For a first teachable in mathematics (36 credits), and for additional breadth in a second teachable, students are encouraged to include a wider range of mathematics and should consider courses such as Topics in Mathematics Education SC/MATH 4100 3.00; History of Mathematics, SC/MATH 4400 6.00 as well as additional credits from the list of proof-based mathematics and modeling above.

Students working towards an Honours specialist in mathematics (54 credits plus additional Ministry of Education requirements), may major in any of the programs within mathematics and statistics i.e. Mathematics for Education, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Mathematics for Commerce, Computational Mathematics. With appropriate course selection, each of these programs offers good opportunities for preparation in mathematics. A minor in any of these programs is also appropriate for a first teachable in mathematics.