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BEd (Summer Science) Program Print

Applicants to the Concurrent bachelor of education (BEd) program for the intermediate/senior certification level may elect to take all the education requirements during summer sessions. Students who have science and math areas as their two teaching subjects (biology, chemistry, physics, general science, mathematics and environmental science) will be able to complete their teaching subject courses during the summer months through an intensive and integrated approach to teaching beginning in the Summer 2010.

In the course of three summer sessions, the teacher candidate will complete 30 credits for their BEd degree plus the required days of in-school practicum in order to be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. The program, taught at the Keele campus, includes first year placements in both community organizations and summer school classrooms.

All graduates of the intermediate/senior certification level (Grades 7 to 12) must complete a four-year degree with at least 36 credits (six full-year university courses) in the first teaching subject and 24 credits (four full-year university courses) in the second teaching subject.

Other teaching subjects available to teacher candidates studying at the intermediate/senior level are only offered during the fall/winter sessions.

As a Concurrent BEd student, teacher candidates are coregistered in both the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Science and Engineering or the Faculty of Environmental Studies.

Concurrent students must complete both degrees (e.g. BSc and BEd) within four years of coregistering and both degrees must be conferred at the same convocation. Successful graduates will receive both a BSc degree and a BEd degree, as well as a recommendation to the Ontario College of Teachers for the Ontario Certificate of Qualification.