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Beginning in 2010-2011, candidates in the Faculty of Education’s Concurrent or Part-time Consecutive programs may pursue the Indigenous Teacher Education program, a course of study designed to prepare teachers of Aboriginal studies, under guidelines established by the Faculty.

Students should complete ED/EDUC 2200 3.00 (Issues in Indigenous Education) with a minimum C+ grade in their first year of university. This course will later count as a BEd elective, once admitted into the Faculty of Education. Applicants are required to satisfy the standards and procedures for admission to the Concurrent BEd program outlined under Standards and Procedures for Admission to the Concurrent BEd Program.

Teacher candidates may wish to pursue the Certificate in Indigenous Studies offered at York but are not necessarily required to do so in order to achieve the 24-credit requirement for the Indigenous Teacher Education program. Even those students who are not pursuing the Certificate in Indigenous Studies are expected to successfully complete 24 credits from an approved list of existing courses that have an Indigenous focus with a grade of C+ or higher in each course.

Considerable emphasis in the program is placed on Indigenous language skills and deep understanding of Native Canadian cultures. It is strongly recommended that at least one Indigenous language course be taken prior to graduation. To further support the Indigenous cultural component of the program, community organizations and schools related to the Indigenous experience may be used for practicum placements throughout the three years of the BEd program.

All students are required to apply to the Faculty of Education and will be selected as per the requirements listed below:

  • Must have completed by April 30th a minimum of four full courses (24 credits) of a first year of undergraduate studies or the equivalent.
  • Have a minimum of six full courses (36 credits) left to complete their academic degree.

Applicants must also present a minimum C+ final grade in the course ED/EDUC 2200 3.00 prior to admission.

Applicants must have a minimum 5.00 (C+) overall average and be admitted to and continuing in an undergraduate program in one of the following Faculties at York University: Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, Glendon, Health, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies or Science and Engineering.

Applicants normally complete both degrees (e.g. BA and BEd) within four years of coregistering, if taking a three-year degree, and both degrees must be conferred at the same convocation.

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