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Considerable emphasis in the Concurrent BEd (French) program is placed on ensuring excellent French language proficiency and a deep understanding of francophone cultures. To satisfy the francophone cultural component of the program, teacher candidates participate in a one-year study program in a francophone context during Year 3 of a four-year program or Year 4 of a five-year program on a stop-out from the Faculty of Education, or enrol in two full course equivalents (12 credits) in francophone culture as part of the bachelor’s degree requirements. A significant proportion of the practicum is carried out in Ontario French Immersion schools. Candidates also have experiences in English language elementary settings.

Note: the BEd (French) degree is currently offered for the most part at the Glendon campus.

Applicants are required to satisfy the standards and procedures for admission to the Concurrent BEd program outlined under Standards and Procedures for Admission to the Concurrent BEd Program. In addition, applicants who do not present one of the following must successfully complete a written and oral French placement test:

  • Four full years of study in French at the secondary school level.
  • One full year of study in French in an accredited university degree program.
  • Two full years of study in French in an accredited college diploma program.

Note: the Faculty does not count time spent in FSL courses, letters written by applicants or senior-level high-school French course(s) as proof of French language proficiency.

The above requirements are general guidelines only. The Faculty reserves the right to require a successfully completed language proficiency test.

Successful candidates are normally selected on the basis of education-related experience, references, university grade point averages, a written test in French and individual interviews conducted in both English and French.

BEd (French) Practicum

Practicum seminars in each of the three years are designed to cover basic issues of observation, inquiry, reflection, school structures, portfolios, lesson planning, curriculum design, classroom management and assessment. Each seminar is supported by university coursework and a relevant placement.

Placements in Year 1 of the BEd (French) program consist of a set of experiences in francophone community-based and/or French Immersion school-based sites (not individual classrooms). Teacher candidates complete a 50-hour placement.

In Year 2, one day per week in the fall term takes place in an English school/classroom. A winter placement plus a four-week final block take place in a French Immersion setting in the same panel (i.e. primary or junior). In Year 3, teacher candidates are placed in school settings in which a variety of French Immersion classroom experiences are offered. The emphasis of the placement is on the panel not addressed in Year 2. This placement consists of one day per week and a four-week culminating block.