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Concurrent BEd – Direct Entry Pilot Project Print

As a pilot project in 2010-2011, a select number of high school applicants who have applied to the Faculties of Fine Arts, Glendon or Science and Engineering, will be offered direct entry to the Concurrent BEd program. Using high school admission averages and other Faculty-specific criteria for selected direct-entry applicants, the Faculty of Education will waive the regular admission requirement to the Concurrent BEd which normally requires the completion of at least 24 credits (equivalent to four full-year courses) of university study with a minimum C+ overall grade point average. To be eligible to continue in the Concurrent BEd program, direct-entry students will be required to meet the current Faculty of Education Concurrent BEd program requirements (i.e., maintain a minimum of a C+ average in their first year at the University, complete at least 24 credits, equivalent to four full-year courses and have a minimum 36 credits, equivalent to six full-year courses, remaining in their undergraduate degree). Direct-entry students will be required to attend advising sessions throughout their first year and will be required to enrol in a practicum seminar. Students not selected for the direct-entry program will continue to have the option of applying to the BEd program through the existing first-year application process.