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The following regulations apply to students taking courses in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. Applicants seeking admission are referred to the Regulations Governing Admission to the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, York University.

All students are required to:

  • observe the regulations of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies and the University;
  • maintain a satisfactory standard of work;
  • have discharged all financial liability to the University prior to graduation.

Undergraduate Degrees

Candidates admitted to a Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies degree program are required to:

  • have been admitted to York University as degree students;
  • satisfy all the corequisite(s) and prerequisite(s) for courses selected for enrolment;
  • satisfy the program and degree requirements for one of the following degrees:
    • bachelor of arts
      • Honours BA
      • BA
    • international bachelor of arts
      • Honours iBA
    • bachelor of administrative studies
      • Honours BAS
      • BAS
    • bachelor of disaster and emergency management
      • Honours BDEM
      • BDEM
    • bachelor of human resources management
      • Honours BHRM
      • BHRM
    • bachelor of public administration
      • Honours BPA
      • BPA
    • bachelor of social work
      • Honours BSW

Candidates for Reclassifying a Bachelor Degree as an Honours Degree

Students who have graduated and wish to reclassify their degree to Honours must at the point of completing 90 passed credits have met the minimum academic standing for Honours (grade point averages) and maintained that standing upon graduation.

Undergraduate Certificates

“Undergraduate Certificate” is the term applied to a program of study attesting to a level of competence or skill in a particular area or field. It is distinct from a defined undergraduate degree program, stream, specialization or informal concentration. A certificate recognizes a specific grouping of courses that are cross-disciplinary but with a thematic coherence, form a coherent yet distinctive complement to the major of a degree program or lead to the acquisition of specific skills or professional expertise that may meet requirements of outside accrediting bodies.

All academic regulations applying to degree students in degree programs will apply to students in certificates.

Types of Certificates Offered by the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies

  • Advanced certificate
  • Cross-disciplinary certificate
  • Certificate of proficiency
  • General certificate
  • Professional certificate