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2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
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Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Anti-Racist Research and Practice (CARRP) - Atkinson

School of Social Sciences
Mona Oikawa

An interdisciplinary certificate based in Atkinson sociology, CARRP deals with racial issues in the workplace, schools, health care, immigration, law enforcement, media and the expressive arts. Students who complete CARRP and who are accepted into the Social Work Program will be eligible to count up to 12 certificate credits towards the social work degree, provided these courses are passed at minimum grades of B. For required courses in CARRP, refer to Certificate Requirements section.

Requirements: 48* credits, including:

*Some courses in list may have prerequisites which will increase the number of courses required for the certificate. Students should consult the Courses of Instruction section of this calendar for information.

(1) Certificate students may be admitted if they have completed a 1000 level course in humanities and are in their second or later year of study.

(2) Prerequisites waived for certificate students.

(3) Not open to students who are taking or have taken AK/SOSC 3380 6.00, AS/SOSC 3130 6.00, GL/WKST 3610 6.00 or AK/AS/GL/WMST 3510 6.00.

(4) Prerequisites waived for certificate students. Please consult School of Social Work.

List of courses from which 12 credits may be chosen:

During the year, CARRP sponsors special talks for the University community on current topics dealing with racism, immigration and public policy. For more information, or to register in the certificate program, call 416-736-5235, or visit us at 303 Atkinson.

Course Substitutes

Subject to course exclusions, program requirements/restrictions, and residence requirements, the following courses are acceptable substitutes for the purpose of meeting program requirements.

Program Course Course Substitutes
AK/POLS 2410 6.00 GL/POLS 1400 6.00
AK/SOCI 2410 6.00 AS/SOCI 1010 6.00, GL/SOCI 2510 6.00


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