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2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
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Certificates - Atkinson

"Undergraduate Certificate" is the term applied to a program of study attesting to a level of competence or skill in a particular area or field. It is distinct from a defined undergraduate degree program, stream, specialization or informal concentration. A certificate recognizes a specific grouping of courses that are cross-disciplinary but with a thematic coherence; form a coherent yet distinctive complement to the major of a degree program, or: lead to the acquisition of specific skills or professional expertise that may meet requirements of outside accrediting bodies.

1. Categories of Certificates: Atkinson offers cross-disciplinary, general and professional certificates. For titles and patterns of study, refer below.

2. Admission: Students seeking direct entry to a certificate program must submit written application when applying for admission to the University. Students already enrolled in an undergraduate degree program are also expected to apply for entry to a certificate program, normally prior to completion of 36 credits of their undergraduate degree program. Applications should be obtained and filed with the unit administering the certificate program.

Students who were admitted to a Professional Certificate offered by the School of Administrative Studies prior to Fall/Winter 2005-2006 may elect to follow the old certificate regulations or the new Certificate regulations whichever is more advantageous. All students admitted from September 2005 must follow new regulations.

3. Minimum Standards:

(i) Cross-disciplinary certificates: Minimum 24 credits, at least 18 of which must be at the 2000 level or above, including six credits at the 3000 or 4000 level.

(ii) General certificates: As described by program.

(iii) Professional certificates: Normally 24 credits, 18 credits of which would be at the 3000 level or above. In most cases, at least 12 credits of the disciplinary courses that satisfy certificate requirements must be in addition for those used to satisfy requirements of an undergraduate major being completed concurrently.

Note: To obtain a professional certificate offered by the School of Administrative Studies, at least 18 credits of the ADMS course credits that satisfy certificate requirements must be in addition to those used to satisfy a degree.

Note: Some certificate programs may have specific academic standing requirements.

4. Minimum requirements for multiple certificates: Students may acquire more than one certificate provided that at least 18 credits in each certificate are unique to the specific certificate.

5. General Information:

(i) All academic regulations applying to degree students in degree programs will apply to students in certificates.

(ii) A student who wishes to change from a certificate to a degree must re-apply to the York University Admissions Office.

(iii) Students enrolled in a certificate program and who are not concurrently enrolled in a degree program may take only the courses required for the completion of the certificate.

6. Residency requirement: The University residency requirement for undergraduate certificate programs are as follows:

(i) 18 credits to be completed at York for a certificate requiring up to 36 credits

(ii) 50 per cent of the required credits to be completed at York for certificates comprising more than 36 credits

(iii) Normally, for undergraduate certificate programs requiring 18 credits or less, all credits are completed at York

7. Graduating with a certificate: Except where otherwise stated, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 4.0 is required to satisfy certificate requirements. Students must submit an Application to graduate from a certificate program. Applications should be obtained and filed with the Unit administering the certificate program. Certificates will not be conferred until candidates have successfully completed an undergraduate degree program if they are simultaneously enrolled in a degree and a certificate program. Exception: students who were admitted to a certificate prior to Fall 2005.

The Faculty does not award certificates retroactively.


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