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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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Linguistics and Language Studies Program - Glendon

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Linguistics is the study of language in general. It is divided into several sub-disciplines, each of which is concerned with a particular aspect of language.

Phonetics is the study of the sound properties of language; phonology studies how sounds pattern to make meaning in specific languages. morphology explores patterning at the word level, while syntax does so at the level of sentence. Semantics is the study of meaning in general, while pragmatics is the study of speaker meaning. Historical linguistics explores the evolution of languages over time, while typology compares and categorizes languages. Sociolinguistics deals with the relationships between language-in-use and social contexts, whether in face-to-face situations or at the macro, societal level. Psycholinguistics explores how first-and second-languages are acquired, and the study of bilingualism includes the study of individuals and contact situations involving two or more languages, such as Glendon College itself.

The Glendon Linguistics and Language Studies Program/Programme de Linguistique et Sciences du Langage is a bilingual program which invites students to explore this rich menu of Linguistics sub-disciplines. All students must begin with the foundation course - Introduction to Linguistics or Introduction à la linguistique - after which they will choose, according to their LIN degree type, credits from the seven categories of courses which constitute the program's curriculum.

These categories are:

I. Introduction to Linguistics/Introduction à la linguistique

II. Phonetics/Phonology

III. Morphology/Syntax

IV. Studies of Meaning

V. Historical Linguistics and Typology

VI. Language and Society

VII. Other courses

Specialized Honours

Candidates for a Specialized Honours in Linguistics and Language Studies must take 60 credits from the following categories: six credits from category I, six credits in category II, 12 credits in category III, six credits in category IV, six credits in category V, 12 credits in category VI, and 12 credits from any category, including category VII.

General Honours or Honours Double Major

Candidates for a General Honours or Honours Double Major must take 42 credits from the following categories:

Six credits must be chosen from each category (I-VI), plus six credits from any category.

Combined Honours - LIN Major

Candidates for a Combined Honours must obtain a total of 60 credits in their two combined programs. For the LIN major, the 42 credits must be chosen as for the General Honours or Double Major (see above).

Combined Honours - LIN Minor

For the LIN minor, students must choose 24 credits as follows: six credits from category I, three credits in category II, six credits from category III, three credits from category IV, and six credits from categories V and VI.


Students must take 33 credits as follows: six credits from category I, six credits from category II, six credits from category III, three credits from category IV, six credits chosen from categories V and VI, and six credits chosen from any category.


Category I: Foundation Courses

GL/FRAN 2600 6.00/GL/LIN 2600 6.00(FR)
GL/EN 2605 6.00/GL/LIN 2605 6.00(EN)

Category II: Phonetics/Phonology

GL/EN 3603 3.00/GL/LIN 3603 3.00(EN)
GL/FRAN 3621 3.00/GL/LIN 3621 3.00(FR)
GL/EN 4609 3.00/GL/LIN 4609 3.00(EN)
GL/FRAN 4660 3.00/GL/LIN 4660 3.00(FR)

Category III: Morphology/Syntax

GL/EN 2608 6.00/GL/LIN 2608 6.00(EN)
GL/EN 3608 6.00/GL/LIN 3608 6.00(EN)
GL/EN 3610 3.00/GL/LIN 3610 3.00(EN)
GL/EN 4605 6.00/GL/LIN 4605 6.00(EN)
GL/EN 4607 6.00/GL/LIN 4607 6.00(EN)
GL/FRAN 4652 3.00/GL/LIN 4652 3.00(FR)
GL/FRAN 4653 3.00/GL/LIN 4653 3.00(FR)

Category IV: Studies in Meaning

GL/SP 2610 6.00/GL/LIN 2610 6.00(EN)
GL/SP 2610 6.00/GL/LIN 2610 6.00(FR)
GL/EN 3607 6.00/GL/LIN 3607 6.00(EN)
GL/EN 3609 3.00/GL/LIN 3609 3.00(EN)
GL/EN 3611 3.00/GL/LIN 3611 3.00(EN)
GL/FRAN 3622 3.00/GL/LIN 3622 3.00(FR)
GL/PHIL 3910 3.00/GL/MODR 3910 3.00/GL/LIN 3910 3.00(EN)
GL/EN 4608 3.00/GL/LIN 4608 3.00(EN)
GL/FRAN 4654 3.00/GL/LIN 4654 3.00(FR)
GL/EN 4658 3.00/GL/LIN 4658 3.00(FR)

Category V: Historical Linguistics/Typology

GL/EN 3605 6.00/GL/LIN 3605 6.00(EN)
GL/SP 4600 3.00/GL/LIN 4600 3.00(SP)
GL/EN 4606 6.00/GL/LIN 4606 6.00(EN)
GL/FRAN 4651 3.00/GL/LIN 4651 3.00(FR)
GL/FRAN 4655 6.00/GL/LIN 4655 6.00(FR)
GL/FRAN 4659 3.00/GL/LIN 4659 3.00(FR)

Category VI: Language in Society/Language Acquisition

GL/EN 3604 3.00/GL/LIN 3604 3.00(EN)
GL/EN 3606 3.00/GL/LIN 3606 3.00(EN)
GL/LIN 3616 6.00/GL/SOSC 3616 6.00(EN)
GL/LIN 3619 3.00/GL/SOSC 3619 3.00(EN)
GL/LIN 3627 6.00/GL/SOSC 3627 6.00(EN)
GL/EN 3632 3.00/GL/SOCI 3632 3.00/GL/SOSC 3632 3.00/GL/LIN 3632 3.00(EN)
GL/PSYC 3640 3.00/GL/NATS 3640 3.00/GL/LIN 3640 3.00(EN)
GL/PSYC 3640 3.00/GL/NATS 3640 3.00/GL/LIN 3640 3.00(FR)
GL/SOSC 3650 3.00/GL/SOCI 3650 3.00/GL/EN 3650 3.00/GL/LIN 3650 3.00(EN)
GL/EN 3655 6.00/GL/FRAN 3655 6.00/GL/LIN 3655 6.00(E/F)
GL/EN 4610 3.00/GL/LIN 4610 3.00(EN)
GL/FRAN 4656 3.00/GL/LIN 4656 3.00(FR)
GL/FRAN 4657 3.00/GL/LIN 4657 3.00(FR)
GL/FRAN 4661 3.00/GL/LIN 4661 3.00(FR)
GL/EN 4695 3.00/GL/LIN 4695 3.00(EN)

Category VII: Other Courses

GL/MODR 1716 6.00/GL/LIN 1716 6.00(FR)
GL/MODR 2640 6.00/GL/LIN 2640 6.00(EN)
GL/PHIL 2690 3.00/GL/MODR 2690 3.00/GL/LIN 2690 3.00(FR)
GL/LIN 3915 3.00/GL/PHIL 3915 3.00(EN)
GL/LIN 3xxx 3.00(EN/FR/SP)/GL/LIN 3xxx 6.00(EN/FR/SP)
GL/LIN 4xxx 3.00(EN/FR/SP)/GL/LIN 4xxx 6.00(EN/FR/SP)

Note : A student may, by permission of the program coordinator be permitted to count six LIN credits (in category VII) for a language-learning course in a non-Indo-European language, the student will be required to achieve a grade of a least B in this course, and to write an essay on the language/language course from a linguistics perspective.


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