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Most courses in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science schedule three-hour final examinations. Examinations are scheduled during day and evening hours.

Students are admitted to the examination hall five minutes before the scheduled start time and are required to present their sessional identification cards and acceptable photo identification cards when writing final examinations. Unauthorized aids may not be taken into the examination halls. No student may leave the examination hall within 15 minutes of the end of the scheduled examination period. All students must remain seated at the conclusion of the examination period until all examination answer sheets/booklets have been collected by the invigilators. Examination booklets, used and unused, must be submitted intact, with no insertions and no pages removed.

A student observed deriving assistance from any unauthorized source is subject to the procedures and penalties defined under the Senate regulations regarding academic honesty (see the University Policies and Regulations section of this Calendar).

Students must maintain a standard of work in their courses of instruction satisfactory to the departments or divisions concerned, and must attend the required examinations, unless prevented by illness or by some other special circumstance.

A student who writes a final examination under duress, or who is prevented from attending an examination by illness or by some other special circumstance, must file a request for a deferred examination within the stated time limits and provide appropriate written evidence for consideration (see Deferred Examinations below).

Final examination answer sheets/booklets become the property of the teaching unit. Students have the right to review their graded tests and examinations once the grades have been published by the Office of the Registrar. Students may request a copy at cost from the teaching unit.

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