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Deferred Examinations / Aegrotat Standing

A student may request aegrotat standing, permission to write deferred examinations (in respect of final examinations only), or permission to submit a final assignment after the Faculty's deadline for submission of term work, on the grounds of sickness or misfortune.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that full documentation (medical or other) is provided in support of requests for deferred standing or aegrotat standing. A request submitted on the grounds of illness must include the attending physician's statement form completed by the petitioner's physician. Appropriate forms and guidelines are available from the Office of the Registrar, West Office Building.

Deferred Standing Agreement. In the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, deferred standing may be arranged with the course director by means of a form called a deferred standing agreement (DSA). The DSA form and supporting documentation must normally be submitted within one week following a missed examination or the last day to submit coursework.

Deferred Standing Petition. A petition for deferred standing may be submitted if the course director indicates on the DSA form a refusal to approve deferred standing. The petition application, together with other written evidence to be taken into consideration, must normally be submitted to the Office of the Registrar within one week following a missed examination or the last day to submit coursework.

Aegrotat Standing Petition. In exceptional circumstances, a petition for aegrotat standing may be submitted in cases where a student cannot be expected to complete coursework. If granted, the phrase AEG aegrotat standing is substituted for the grade on the transcript. Aegrotat standing is seldom granted in respect of final examinations; instead, the student may be granted permission to write deferred examination(s)..

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