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Enrolment in Courses

20. i) Full-time students register in 24 to 36 credits each term and have grades recorded for a total of 24 to 36 credits during an academic session.

ii) Students who are on probation may not take more than 30 credits during a session. Waiver of this regulation can only be granted under extenuating circumstances by petition.

iii) Part-time students will take no more than 21 credits in one academic session.

iv) Enrolment is permitted in full and half courses within the deadlines published in the Lecture Schedule. Enrolments at later dates will be made only with the written permission of all course directors and Chairs of the departments involved. Withdrawals are permitted as outlined in Regulation 21.

v) At the time of registration, all students, except those in first year, must register in a major discipline or disciplines.

vi) Students wishing to take courses more than one year above or below their year must secure approval of the department or division offering the course.

vii) First year students may be admitted to second-year courses where indicated in the Calendar. To be admitted to other second-year courses, first year students must secure approval of the department or division offering the course.

viii) These regulations are subject to the provision that a course may be closed by departments and divisions when its enrolment ceiling is reached.

ix) All students who are permitted to register in courses offered in a year below their own year should take note that the standards employed in assigning and assessing their work in these courses will be such as are generally appropriate for courses in their own year.

x) a) Students are allowed to retake a failed course once for academic degree or certificate credit.
b) Students are allowed to retake a passed course once for academic degree or certificate credit, only if the student has failed to achieve sufficient standing to proceed in a core or prerequisite course in a degree or certificate program and if no alternative remedies are provided.
c) When a student is allowed to repeat a course for academic degree or certificate credit, the second grade will be the grade of record and the only grade calculated in the student's grade point average (major, cumulative, sessional and overall). A course can be credited only once towards satisfaction of degree or certificate academic credit requirements.
d) The record of both the first and second time the course was taken will appear on the student's transcript, with the first course designated as "No Credit Retained".

xi) Courses which are offered on an ungraded pass/fail basis only and where the fail grade is to count as zero in the grade point average, will be designated as credit/no credit courses.

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