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Entrance Scholarships and Awards (For First-Year Students)

York University Entrance Scholarships

Donor: York University

a) York University offers President's Scholarships to those secondary school applicants to a first-year daytime undergraduate program with the highest entrance averages. These awards are renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study, provided the student maintains the required academic standing. The required academic standing for renewability is a grade point average of 7.8 in all Faculties. Scholarships are renewed based on the sessional grade point average and once lost cannot be regained.

b) The York University Entrance Scholarships are awarded to those applicants to a first-year undergraduate program who complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and six OACs (or its equivalent) with high academic standing (current curriculum), and to those who complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and a minimum of six Grade 12 U or U/C courses (or its equivalent) with high academic standing (new curriculum), and to those admitted under the mature student regulations who present the best qualifications.

c) York University offers Faculty of Fine Arts Talent Awards to those applicants to a first-year daytime undergraduate program in the Faculty of Fine Arts who demonstrate exceptional talent in their chosen field of study.

d) Science and Engineering Scholarships are offered to outstanding students entering the first-year of study in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science.

e) A Bachelor in Environmental Studies Award is given to a first-year undergraduate student entering the Faculty of Environmental Studies who has a combination of high academic achievement and an outstanding supplementary application. Eligible candidates will automatically be considered at the time of their admission and the admission average will be used to determine academic standing. Applicants must be entering postsecondary studies for the first time and may not be assessed for more than 12 university transfer credits.

f) Provost's Awards are offered to community college applicants who present high academic standing.

g) Glendon offers five Quebec Entrance Scholarships to those applicants who have completed two years of CEGEP, have graduated with a diploma, have high academic standing and are entering a second-year program of study at Glendon.

York University Alumni Endowment

To honour outstanding academic achievement, the York University Alumni have, through their generous donations, established a scholarship endowment to provide funds for new and continuing undergraduate students.

York Business and Professional Alliance Community Fund

The York Business and Professional Alliance Community Fund provides corporate and individual donors with the opportunity to pool their contributions in support of a single annual fund. The fund provides deserving students with financial assistance. Listed below are the donors who have contributed to the fund as of April 1, 2002, as well as donors who have established named endowed awards.

Abrams Towing Services Ltd.*
ADC Foundation
Alexander Lithographers Ltd.*
B & S Delivery Service
Beta Reproduction Incorporated*
Brian Toll Incorporated
Campbell Moving Systems Incorporated*
Central Fairbank Lumber
Diamantopoulos, George E.
Foster Controls Inc.
Franklin Templeton Investments
Gross, Helen
Irwin Seating Canada Limited*
Kenaidan Group Ltd.*
Kucher, John L.*
Maritime Law Book Limited
Martellacci & Associates*
Mr. Sub*
Multiseal Inc.
National Life Assurance Company of Canada
R.V. Anderson Associates Limited
Robbie/Young & Wright Architects Inc.
Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc.
Sceptre Investment Counsel Ltd.*
Seretis, George*
Signet Graphics Incorporated
Tesma International Incorporated*
The Affinity Group Incorporated*
The Great Canadian Bagel Ltd.*
The LearningStation.com*
Thomas, Michael W.*
Thompson, Michael J.
Van-Rob Stampings Incorporated*
Walker Credit Canada Limited
Western Mechanical Electrical Millwright Services Ltd.
Westminster International Computers Inc.
Yorke Towne Supplies Ltd.*

*The endowed awards of these donors are listed individually in subsequent sections of the Calendar.

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