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The Awards of Distinction

The Awards of Distinction are York University's most prestigious undergraduate entrance scholarships. These awards were established to recognize exceptional academic achievement and individual accomplishment among entering undergraduates. Candidates must be students in their final year of study in a secondary school who will be seeking admission into first-year undergraduate study at York University in any discipline. They must possess an outstanding scholastic record and will have other accomplishments-such as community service, achievement in arts or sports, or excellence in other areas of individual endeavour-which demonstrates the wholeness of the person and grace of character. The application form is available from secondary school guidance offices and York's Scholarships and Bursaries unit of the Office of Student Financial Services.

Award of Distinction: Alumni Awards of Distinction

Donor: York University Alumni Association

The York University Alumni Association (YUAA) is committed to providing goods, services and programs that facilitate the life-long process of education and personal development for all York graduates. The YUAA is equally committed to advancing the interests of York University itself. Whether the activity be in the form of advocacy, counsel, philanthropy or any other form of volunteer assistance, the graduates of York University have a unique and valuable role to fill in promoting the excellence, welfare and prestige of the University. Two Alumni Awards of Distinction are awarded annually.

Award of Distinction: The Betty Jean and John M. Bankes Entrance Scholarship

Donor: John Bankes and Family

This award has been made possible through the generosity of John Bankes, a member of the University's Board of Governors, and that of his family. The award honours their parents for their long-standing encouragement to family and others to pursue higher education. The Betty Jean and John M. Bankes Entrance Scholarship will be granted once every four years.

Award of Distinction: Bruce Bryden Entrance Scholarship

Donor: Board of Governors Colleagues, Family and Friends of the late Bruce Bryden

Bruce Bryden (1942-1992) was a member of York University's first class of students in 1960, later graduating in the Glendon class of 1964. Bruce was a tireless volunteer leader whose legacy and personal qualities will always be celebrated. In 1965, he was elected as founding president of the York University Alumni Association. Subsequently, he became the first York graduate to be appointed to the University Senate, and then in 1971 to the Board of Governors, where he served for 20 years. Ultimately he set high standards as the Chair of the Board from 1982 until his untimely passing. Bruce Bryden was devoted to the entire University, modestly but genuinely proud of its many exceptional achievements. Typical of Glendon graduates, he cherished not only his student memories at Glendon but also the history, warmth, beauty and feelings of this campus as a special place. The Bruce Bryden Entrance Scholarship will be granted once every four years.

Award of Distinction: John S. Proctor Entrance Scholarship

Donor: Friends and Colleagues of John S. Proctor

This award honours John S. Proctor, former chancellor and Chair of the University's Board of Governors, and also commemorates the University's 25th anniversary. It has been made possible by the generosity of past and present members of the board. John Proctor was a banker, tennis champion and philanthropist who served on York's Board of Governors for many years and eventually became chancellor in 1982. Mr. Proctor rendered untold hours of service to York University. He became a model of excellence and was recognized for his personal integrity, graceful counsel and wise leadership. The John S. Proctor Entrance Scholarship will be awarded annually.

Award of Distinction: Murray Ross Entrance Scholarship

Donor: Murray Ross

Murray G. Ross, a native of Nova Scotia, received his university education at Acadia University, the University of Toronto, the University of Chicago and Columbia University. He has been a member of the academic staff of the University of Toronto and served as its vice-president from 1957-1960. In 1960, Dr. Murray Ross became the president of York University. It was his insight, commitment and leadership which helped to build the University. This award honours York students who share these qualities. The Murray Ross Entrance Scholarship will be granted once every two years.

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