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Courses must be chosen in consultation with the education music adviser. The best preparation for teaching music, either in junior/intermediate or as a first or second teachable subject in intermediate/senior, is a BFA or equivalent Honours degree in music. Before taking the practicum-seminar(s), teacher candidates are generally required to have completed the core curriculum as set out by the Music Department, Faculty of Fine Arts (listed below as required).


  • FA/MUSI 1000 6.0
  • FA/MUSI 1200 9.0
  • FA/MUSI 2200 6.0
  • FA/MUSI 2201 3.0
  • FA/MUSI 2202 3.0

It is highly recommended that teacher candidates plan to include the following music courses in their course of study:

  • FA/MUSI 3000 6.0 and
  • FA/MUSI 3470 3.0 and
  • FA/MUSI 3450 3.0 or
  • FA/MUSI 3460 3.0

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