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The requirements noted here are for admission to the practicum seminar and separate from the requirement in the English Department in the Faculty of Arts.

Candidates seeking admission to the practicum seminar with the minimum requirement of 24 credits should select from the list a to e, below.

Courses from a) and b) will familiarize students with some of the existing junior/intermediate/senior curricular expectations for teaching literary studies. Courses marked with an asterisk offer candidates theoretical approaches and content that will enable them, as professionals, to more proactively meet the needs of a diverse student body. In support of this commitment, the Faculty requires teaching candidates obtaining a junior/ intermediate or intermediate/senior English qualification to graduate with any one of the following courses marked with an asterisk or an equivalent.

24 credits to be chosen in consultation with an education English adviser:

a) overview: one of AS/EN 1100 6.0, AS/EN 1200 6.0 or AS/EN 1300 6.0;

b) Shakespeare: AS/EN 3190 6.0 or equivalent, AS/EN 3210 6.0, AS/ EN 4185 6.0;

c) Canadian literature: e.g. AS/EN 2450 6.0, AS/EN 3330 6.0, AS/EN 3340 6.0, AS/EN 3430A 6.0, *AS/EN 3440 6.0, AS/EN 4270C 6.0, AS/EN 4270E 6.0;

d) post-colonial and gender studies: e.g. *AS/EN 2371 6.0, AS/EN 2372 6.0, AS/EN 2376 6.0, *AS/EN 2850 6.0, AS/EN 3440 6.0, AS/EN 4210G 3.0, AS/EN 4210J 6.0, AS/EN 4230B 6.0, *AS/EN 4230D 6.0, AS/EN 4265 6.0;

e) language and writing: e.g. AS/EN 2060 6.0, AS/EN 2070 6.0, AS/EN 3010 6.0, AS/EN 4110 6.0, a linguistics course.

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