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Economics and Business

Specialized Honours BA Program

The Department of Economics offers a limited enrolment Specialized Honours BA Program in Economics and Business. Students who have taken 12 prerequisite credits with the required minimum program averages are encouraged to apply for admission to the program in January of the academic session in which they are completing their first year (normally 24 to 30 credits). The required average in the prerequisites (and any additional core courses) is B or 6.0, and the required overall average is C+ or 5.0. Applications received after the deadlines--the first Monday in February and before August 1--may be wait-listed. Because competition is keen, admission is not guaranteed for all students with the minimum requirements.

Students must maintain a grade point average of at least 6.0 (B) in all required courses in order to continue in, and graduate from, the program. Because some of the program's core and area of concentration courses have specific prerequisites, students may be required to complete additional courses to fulfill the economics and business requirements. Students are encouraged to regularly review degree requirements. Appointments can be made by contacting Economics and Business, 1144 Vari Hall, 416-736-5322.

Students majoring in economics and business must complete 78 credits in the program, as outlined below.

Prerequisite Courses (12 credits)

  • AS/ECON 1000 3.0 and AS/ECON 1010 3.0, or equivalents;
  • AS/ECON 1530 3.0 and AS/ECON 1540 3.0, or equivalents.

Core Courses (66 credits)

  • AS/COSC 1520 3.0 and AS/ECON 1530 3.0 or AS/COSC 1020 3.0 and AS/COSC 1030 3.0, or approved equivalents;
  • AS/ECON 2300 3.0 and AS/ECON 2350 3.0, or approved equivalents;
  • AS/ECON 2400 3.0 and AS/ECON 2450 3.0, or approved equivalents;
  • AS/ECON 2500 3.0 and AS/ECON 3500 3.0, or approved equivalents;
  • AS/MATH 2580 6.0;
  • AS/ECON 3580 3.0 and AS/ECON 3590 3.0;
  • AS/ECON 4400 3.0;
  • AS/ECON 4500 3.0;
  • AS/ECON 3140 3.0;
  • AS/ECON 4200 3.0;
  • and 18 credits in an area of concentration.

The Economics and Business Program must include 18 credits at the 4000-level including 12 credits in economics.

Note: A maximum of six non-economics (ECON) credits taken towards the Economics and Business program requirements may count towards the Faculty of Arts elective requirement.

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