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Academic Services – Learning and Study Skills Programs

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Writing Department

The Writing Department offers a variety of courses which may be taken for elective credit to help students develop their research and writing skills, both academic and professional. The department is also the home of the Professional Writing Program, English and Professional Writing, and the Writing Centre, The Writing Centre provides one-to-one writing instruction and non-credit group instruction as described below.

Writing Department courses (full course descriptions are available in the Programs of Study section):

AP/WRIT 1000 3.00 Academic Writing in the Social Sciences
AP/EN 1006 3.00 Writer’s Introduction to Literary Forms (cross-listed to AP/WRIT 1006 3.00)
AP/WRIT 1200 3.00 Academic Writing in the Humanities
AP/WRIT 1300 3.00 Theories of Writing
AP/WRIT 1400 6.00 Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing
AP/WRIT 1500 3.00 Writing and Computers
AP/WRIT 1600 3.00 Academic Writing: Developing Sentence Sense
AP/WRIT 1700 9.00 Professional Writing: Process and Practice (cross-listed to AP/EN 1700 9.00, AP/HUMA 1700 9.00)
AP/WRIT 2000 3.00 Writing and Research About Business
AP/WRIT 2100 3.00 Studies in Non-Fiction
AP/WRIT 2200 3.00 New Challenges in Academic Writing
AP/WRIT 2300 3.00 A Writer’s Introduction to Research
AP/WRIT 2400 3.00 Writing History
AP/WRIT 2710 3.00 Grammar and Proofreading (cross-listed to AP/EN 2710 3.00)
AP/WRIT 2720 3.00 Prose: Style and Argument
AP/EN 3180 6.00 Literary Nonfiction (cross-listed to AP/WRIT 3180 6.00)
AP/WRIT 3700 6.00 Introduction to Periodical Writing
AP/WRIT 3710 6.00 Introduction to Institutional Writing
AP/WRIT 3720 6.00 Books and Bookmaking
AP/WRIT 3730 3.00 Substantive Editing
AP/WRIT 3900 3.00 Professional Writing for Nurses
AP/WRIT 3988 3.00 Effective Writing and Research
AP/WRIT 3989 3.00 Writing in the Workplace
AP/WRIT 4000 3.00 Activist Rhetorics
AP/EN 4284 3.00 History of Publishing in Canada (cross-listed to AP/WRIT 4284 3.00)
AP/WRIT 4700 6.00 Advanced Topics in Periodical Writing
AP/WRIT 4701 3.00 Journalism Ethics
AP/WRIT 4710 3.00 The Ethics of Publicity
AP/WRIT 4711 3.00 Practical Studies in Damage Control
AP/WRIT 4720 6.00 Print Culture and the History of the Book
AP/WRIT 4721 6.00 Book Publishing Practicum
AP/EN 4722 6.00 Editing Shakespeare Electronically and in Print: The Theory and Practice of Editorial Transmission and Transformation (cross-listed to AP/WRIT 4722 6.00)
AP/EN 4751 3.00 The Rhetoric of Science (cross-listed to AP/WRIT 4751 3.00)
AP/WRIT 4752 3.00 Reading the News: Examining the Rhetoric of the Press (cross-listed to AP/EN 4752 3.00)

Writing Centre

The Writing Department’s Writing Centre provides students with one to one writing instruction and group instruction designed to assist students to become effective independent writers both in their academic life and beyond. Instruction, both individual and group, is based on students' course assignments, usually the draft of an essay, or other writing assignment, in progress. All Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies students, at any stage of a particular course assignment, are welcome to make appointments and take advantage of the opportunity to work on their writing with one of the centre's experienced faculty. Some students in other Faculties also may use the centre (information available on the Writing Department website - Appointments are normally for 50 minutes and are available in the day Monday through Saturday as well as evenings Monday through Thursday. The centre also regularly offers group workshops on various issues and skills related to writing effectively in university.

For more information contact the Writing Department, located S329 Ross Building, or by phone at 416-736-5134 or online at

Open Learning Centre

The Open Learning Centre offers support to English as a Second Language students registered in credit courses within a degree program at York University. Among the opportunities available at the centre are a regular workshop series on topics related to the language needs of ESL students, individual tutoring on specific language needs, small-group English language learning sessions and a weekly English movie night with conversation after. For more information, contact the centre at 416-736-2100 ext. 22940.

Multimedia Language Centre

The Multimedia Language Centre of York University is a Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies resource and learning centre for students and instructors in the Department of French Studies and the Department of French Studies and the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics. The Multimedia Language Centre includes two Teaching Labs and an Open Access Lab, and is located in Ross S117.

Learning Skills Services (LSS)

Location: Counselling and Disability Services, N110 Bennett Centre for Student Services (BCSS), Tel.: 416-736-5297, Fax: 416-736-5633
Hours of operation: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 9am to 4:30pm; Tuesday – 9am to 7pm

Throughout the year, students may meet individually with a learning skills counsellor or attend workshops to help in developing and improving study skills and strategies. Workshops are offered throughout the year. Students are asked to register in advance either online at or in person at N110 BCSS.