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Glendon (GL) – Philosophy

Location/Bureau : C221 York Hall, Tel.: 416-487-6733
Chair/Directrice : D. Olin
Professors/Professeurs : G.J.D. Moyal, D. Olin
Associate Professors/Professeurs agrégés : J. Baker, J. Gonda, L.-P. Hodgson
Assistant Professor/Professeur adjoint : C. Campbell

Philosophy, it is often said, teaches not what to think, but how to think.  The skills it hones are the ability to analyze, to question orthodoxies, and to express ideas clearly.  These are the skills which are at the heart of a liberal arts education.

You will study questions such as: What is truth?  How do we come to know the truth?  What is it to be a person?  Is morality relative or are there abstract moral truths?  Why do we punish criminals by putting them in prison?  Is democracy the best system of government?  In the course of studying these questions, you will come to a better understanding of different points of view, and will become a better thinker, debater and writer.

The critical thinking skills acquired in studying philosophy include: problem solving, developing a critical mind, organizing ideas, communicating effectively, and analyzing key concepts. These skills are, of course, transferable to other domains. It isn’t surprising, then, that philosophy majors as a group consistently outperform most other majors on the LSAT (law school), MCAT (medical school), GMAT (business school) and GRE (graduate school) exams. The skills cultivated by the study of philosophy have wide application.

As a result, Philosophy majors can be found in many careers, including law, business, computer science, government, medicine, journalism, teaching and school administration.

So when friends or family ask ‘What can you do with a degree in philosophy?’, your answer should be: ‘Anything you want’.

Note: the following courses are open to first-year students./Les cours suivants sont ouverts aux étudiants de première année : GL/PSYC 2510 6.00, GL/PSYC 2510 6.00. For Glendon courses, please refer to the mini-calendar for further details on the course descriptions./Pour les cours de Glendon, veuillez consulter le mini-annuaire pour les descriptions.

Philosophy is offered by the Faculties of Glendon and Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.