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Lassonde (LE) – Geomatics ENGINEERING

Location: 102 Petrie, 416-736-5245
Interim Chair: R.S.K. Lee
Distinguished Research Professors: J.C. McDonnell, G.G. Shepherd
Professors: A. Amirfazli, Q. Cheng, G.T. Jarvis, C. Haas, J. Kozinski, I.C. McDade, T. McElroy, S.D. Pagiatakis, M. Shoukri, P.A. Taylor
Professors Emeriti: K.D. Aldridge, J.R. Miller, G.G. Shepherd, D. Smylie
Associate Professors: C. Armenakis, S. Bisnath, M. Daly, B. Hu, M.A. Jenkins, G.P. Klaassen, R.S.K. Lee, B.M. Quine, J. Shan, A.M.K. Szeto, G. Vukovich, J.A. Whiteway, Z.H. Zhu
Assistant Professors: Y. Chen, J. Moores, G. Sohn
Associate Lecturers: H. Chesser, J.G. Wang

Offered by Earth and Space Science and Engineering, Geomatics Engineers use terrestrial, aerial and space instruments with information technology to map, navigate, analyse, model, manage, and monitor 3D environments describing both the Earth’s physical features and the built environment. Geomatics engineers are involved with the acquisition, analysis, modelling, interpretation, and management of spatially referenced data for scientific and engineering applications, and the generation and management of spatial information.

The scientific and engineering areas for geomatics engineering include: geodesy and gravity, geodetic surveying, cadastral surveys and land registration systems, remote sensing and photogrammetry, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), multi-sensor-aided navigation, geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis, optical and laser scanning systems, digital elevation modelling and 3D scene modelling, data visualization, wireless and web-based mapping, location-based services and mobile mapping, Internet-based data dissemination and applications, hydrography, and statistical data analysis and interpretation methods.