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Lassonde (LE) – Computer ENGINEERING

Location: 1003 Lassonde Building, Tel.: 416-736-5053
Undergraduate/Graduate Office: 1003 Lassonde Building, Tel.: 416-736-5334
Chair: A. Asif
Professors: A. An, A. Asif, N. Cercone, P.W. Dymond, J. Edmonds, J. Elder, J. Gryz, R. Hornsey, M.R.M. Jenkin, Y. Lian, J. Ostroff, W. Stuerzlinger, G. Tourlakis, J. Tsotsos, F. van Breugel
Associate Professors: M. Aboelaze, R. Allison, J. Amanatides, M. Baljko, A. Eckford,  P. Godfrey, H. Jiang, M. Kant, Y. Lesperance, S. MacKenzie, S. Magierowski, A. Mirzaian, U. Nguyen, E. Ruppert, M. Spetsakis, Z. Stachniak, A. Toptsis, V. Tzerpos, N. Vlajic, R.M. Wharton, R.P. Wildes, J. Xu
Assistant Professors: S. Datta, P. Faloutsos, E. Ghafar-Zadeh, G.J. Gotshalks, B. Ma
Senior Lecturers: P.H. Cribb, H. Roumani
Sessional Assistant Professor: J. Hofbauer

Offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, computer engineering combines theoretical foundations in physical and computer science with the system, software, and hardware engineering concepts to develop reliable and effective computer-based devices and systems. Computer engineers design, build, test, and manage all forms of computer systems. York’s computer engineering program stresses fundamental engineering design principles used to develop computer software and hardware for effective implementation of complex and intelligent computer-based systems.

The first year provides students with a strong foundation in programming, applied mathematics, and physical sciences. During the second and third years, computer engineering students acquire the necessary engineering tools in mathematics, computer science, and engineering sciences to analyze and design complex software and hardware systems. The fourth year of the computer engineering curriculum is flexible to enable students to create their own specializations by selecting from a variety of innovative courses in the fields of robotics, communications, computer vision, digital signal processing, software engineering, computer architecture, and virtual reality.