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Science (SC) – Biology

Location: 247 Farquharson Building, Tel.: 416-736-5243
Undergraduate Office: 108 Farquharson Building, Tel.: 416-736-5311
Chair: S. Benchimol
Undergraduate Program Director: P.J. Wilson
University Professor Emeritus: R.E. Pearlman
Professors: D.R. Bazely, S. Benchimol, L. Donaldson, A.J. Hilliker, R.R. Lew, J.C. McDermott, L.D.M. Packer, C. Peng, J. Sapp, J.S. Shore, C.G.H. Steel, B.J. Stutchbury, K.A. White, H. Wilson, N. Yan, G. Zoidl
Professors Emeritus: B. Colman, A. Forer, B. Loughton, R.A. Webb
Associate Professors: M.M. Crerar, A. Donini, K. Hudak, S. Kelly, T. Kubiseski, P. Lakin-Thomas, C. Lortie, R. Quinlan,  V. Saradakis, M. Scheid, K. Schneider, G. Sweeney, R. Tsushima
Assistant Professors: M. Bayfield, P. Cheung, S. Sharma, Y. Sheng, T. Womelsdorf, A. Zayed
Adjunct Professor: I. Coe
Associate Lecturer: P.J. Wilson
Assistant Lecturers: J. Clark, T. Kelly, A. Mills
Sessional Assistant Lecturer: N. Nivillac

Biology is the scientific study of life and living organisms. Teaching and research in the Department of Biology extends from molecules to cells, organisms, populations and ecosystems. The Department of Biology offers undergraduate instruction in all the major areas of biology  including: cell and molecular biology, physiology, development, neurobiology, ecology, biodiversity and evolution. Specialized programs in biology (see the Faculty of Science Programs of Study section) require completion of a prescribed core of courses which expose the student to general areas of biology, but also give the student wide flexibility in selecting courses.

Courses in Biology

Biology courses are generally offered annually although some fourth year courses (those beginning with the digit 4)  may be offered in alternate years.

The contact hour information in the course outlines below specifies the number of hours per week when the course is taught in the daytime in a fall/winter session. If the course is offered in the evening and/or in a summer session, the format and scheduling may be different, though equivalent in credit value.