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Science (SC) – Biochemistry

Location: 124 Chemistry Building, Tel.: 416-736-5246
Chair: J. Rudolph

Biochemistry is the study of the structure, properties and reactions of biological molecules, including their interactions with other molecules within organisms. The understanding gained from these studies is applied in the interpretation of a wide variety of biological phenomena, but also inspires new ones, such as the detection of disease, the construction of sensors and the creation of new molecules and new materials. Biochemistry is linked closely with a number of other subjects, including biology, chemistry and biophysics.

The Departments of Chemistry and Biology offer undergraduate courses in all the major areas of the subject, including on metabolism, structure, function and analysis, as well as on applications to molecular biology, biotechnology and proteomics. The Specialized program in Biochemistry (see the Faculty of Science Programs of Study section) include a required core of courses to ensure that the student acquires a broad knowledge of the subject and carry out a research project, but also provide opportunities for the student to concentrate on areas of particular interest, including such topics as photosynthesis, biomaterials, cellular regulation and membrane transport. Students in the program also have the opportunity of gaining non-credit research experience in a laboratory environment with faculty members in the Departments of Chemistry and Biology.

Courses in Biochemistry

The contact-hour information in the course outlines below specifies the number of hours per week when the course is taught in the daytime in a fall/winter session. If the course is offered in the evening and/or in a summer session, the format and scheduling may be different, though equivalent in credit value.