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Fine Arts – Admission


Please refer to the Admission section of this publication for general information on admission requirements and procedures.

Applicant Evaluation Procedures

In addition to the regular requirements for admission to the University, the Faculty of Fine Arts requires an evaluation of an applicant’s suitability for many of its programs. The requirements for each department are detailed below. In order to be evaluated, a candidate must have applied for admission to the Faculty of Fine Arts.

For details on the process leading to an appointment for an evaluation interview/audition and for further information regarding the evaluation procedures, refer to the Faculty of Fine Arts website at Invitations to attend an evaluation interview/audition may be contingent on an applicant’s previous or current year’s grade point average. For general information concerning the Faculty of Fine Arts, contact Student and Academic Services, second floor, Joan and Martin Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, 416-736-2100 ext. 58176.

Applicants who reside outside the Greater Toronto Area should contact the department to enquire about alternate arrangements for the audition/evaluation. Several departments hold auditions in selected major cities across Canada, appointments and details for which can be obtained by contacting the department offices.

Department of Dance

Admission to the BFA in dance is based on your academic history as well as on the successful completion of a supplemental departmental audition. The audition consists of a short class in modern dance, ballet and improvisation taught by dance faculty followed by a personal interview. If distance precludes an on-campus evaluation, please contact the department to make alternative arrangements. Admission to the BA in dance is based on academic grades; no supplemental evaluation is required.

For further information visit the Faculty of Fine Arts website at or contact the Department of Dance (ACE 301) at 416-736-5137 (

Department of Design

The final selection of qualified candidates is based on the ranking of three criteria: overall academic results, a questionnaire and a portfolio. Questionnaires will be provided to all applicants to the program. Selected candidates invited to an interview must bring a portfolio of creative work, with detailed documentation. Specific requirements will be forwarded to the selected candidates. The interviews will focus upon the applicants’ understanding of communications design and their conceptual, visual and communications abilities. For further information, please visit the Faculty of Fine Arts website at or contact the Department of Design (TEL 4008) at 416-736-5885 (

Department of Film

Applicants must download the BFA supplementary application package, complete and return it to the Department of Film. Completion of the supplemental application package will aid us in making the best match between applicants and our program. Selected candidates will then be asked to attend a personal interview. For a supplementary application package and/or further information, please contact the Department of Film (CFT 221) at 416-736-5149 ( An early application is strongly recommended. For further information, please visit the Faculty of Fine Arts website at

Admission to the BA in cinema and media studies is based on grades alone. No supplemental evaluation is required.

Department of Music

Music applicants must satisfy the program’s supplemental evaluation. All applicants will automatically be sent an evaluation package once the department is advised of your application by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. The department's supplemental evaluation package requires applicants to complete the application questionnaire; submit a 500-word essay describing your musical background and the contributions further training will enable you to make to music and society; complete the listening exercises defined in the package; complete the theory test included in the package.

Applicants have the option of auditioning “in person” or mailing in a recorded submission. Those who wish to attend the “in person” audition should contact the Department of Music (ACE 371) at 416-736-5186 to arrange an audition time.

If you are mailing in your evaluation, please record and submit two contrasting pieces or styles to show the range of your musical skills and interests. Any recording format will be acceptable, i.e. tape cassette, CD, mini disc, DAT, VHS or MP3 files. We do not require a professionally produced recording. A good basic audio-cassette recording using a traditional “boom-box” will suffice as long as we can hear your performance clearly.

Although proficiency on more than one instrument is not required, if you wish to show aptitude on a secondary instrument, one additional piece on the second instrument will suffice. We also invite you to submit scores and/or recordings of arrangements or compositions that you have created and essays on music that you have written.

If you have formal training, you are invited to provide copies of any documentation showing the level of theory/performance/history completed, i.e. RCM grades etc.

For further information, please contact the Department of Music, 416-736-5242 ( or visit the Faculty of Fine Arts website at

Department of Theatre

All applicants will automatically be mailed an evaluation package. Invitations to evaluations will be based on your academic record to date. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of the following:

  • A questionnaire focusing on their background in theatre. This is not a theatrical skills assessment, but rather an opportunity for applicants to express themselves and exhibit their interest in theatre.
  • A public oral presentation of no more than three minutes. This presentation could take many forms: for instance, a monologue from a play; or a talk about a production recently seen, directed or designed; or information about a play written by the applicant, or a reading from it giving the background to the work. The Department of Theatre needs to ascertain how applicants present themselves in public, how they perform, or how they speak about some aspect of theatre. All applicants -- no matter what their area of prime interest -- must be prepared to make this public presentation. Therefore, this should be planned in advance.
  • A brief personal interview. Normally the questionnaire/presentation/interview process will take place during a half-day visit to the Keele campus or in another location closer to the applicant’s home town. If there are significant reasons that an applicant cannot attend a personal interview/evaluation, the applicant should discuss with the department other evaluation methods, such as video auditions, portfolio or written submissions and/or telephone interviews.

Successful applicants will be expected to complete a medical questionnaire prior to beginning classes.

If further information is required, please contact the Department of Theatre (CFT 318) at 416-736-5172 ( or visit the Faculty of Fine Arts website at

Department of Visual Arts

All BFA applicants will automatically be sent an evaluation package. This provides applicants with an opportunity to outline related background and interests. Selected studio applicants will be invited to show a portfolio of six pieces including a sketchbook, idea-book or journal. Applicants are encouraged to show variety in their work; no fewer than two different media should be represented. There will also be a personal interview with one of the department’s instructors. Art history applicants are not required to submit a portfolio but have the option of a personal interview.

Admission to the BA in art history is based on grades alone. No supplemental evaluation is required.

For information about the departmental evaluation process please visit the Faculty of Fine Arts website or contact the Department of Visual Arts (GCFA 235) at 416-650-8191 (

Second Degree Candidates

Students who hold a degree from an accredited institution may apply to the Faculty of Fine Arts to obtain a second undergraduate degree in a different discipline. Students who hold a BA degree (not an Honours degree) from another accredited institution may apply to the Faculty of Fine Arts to obtain an Honours degree in the same discipline. In all cases, second degree candidates are required to:

  • complete a minimum of 30 additional credits at York University in accordance with the Faculty of Fine Arts residency requirement (courses taken as part of the first degree cannot be used to satisfy this requirement);
  • fulfill all the requirements of the new major and minor programs; general education and elective requirements are waived.

The in-Faculty requirement should be regarded as the minimum number of additional courses; depending on the program selected and the amount of credit awarded for previous studies, the actual number of courses required for a second degree may well exceed that number.

Degree Reclassification

A student who has completed a York University BA degree (90 credit program) in the Faculty of Fine Arts may continue, after graduation, in a Specialized Honours BA program in the same subject area or in an Honours Double Major BA or Honours Major/Minor BA program including the same subject area, provided the cumulative and major grade point average are those required for the Honours program. A student who wishes to pursue a Specialized Honours BFA in the same field of study, may continue in the second degree, subject to the approval of the Faculty of Fine Arts, by submitting a change of degree form to the Registrar's Office. Please note that students who are approved by the Faculty to proceed, would normally receive 90 credits towards the Specialized Honours BFA in the same subject area.

A student who wishes to pursue a second Specialized Honours BFA or Specialized Honours BA in a different field of study must apply to the Admissions Office for admission as a second degree candidate.