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ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES - BES Internship Opportunities


Students will participate in full-time internships varying in length from four to 16 months or 1-4 academic terms.  Internships will commence following students' third year of study.  After their internship has ended, students will return to the university to complete their Honours degree and apply their expanded knowledge and skills in the classroom.  Eligible students will be educated about the program and its processes, trained in job search skills, and supported throughout their internship experiences by the Career Centre staff with guidance and evaluation provided by the FES Undergraduate Program Director (UPD). Although internship positions are considered to be "work experience", the focus of the experience is on learning. Through these internships, students will gain confidence in field-related knowledge, general employability skills, and valuable experience.

Students must: Be enrolled as a full-time student in the BES Honours degree.  Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 6.00 or better. Have successfully completed at least 9.00 ENVS credits at the 3000-level in their declared area of concentration. Have not been absent for more than two consecutive years as a full-time student from their Honours degree studies. Have a maximum of 30 credits remaining to complete for their BES Honours degree upon enrolment in the program and a minimum of 15 credits remaining by the time they begin their internship (i.e. enrol in the Internship Work Term course).


  1. Once accepted into the program, students typically study full-time for at least one academic term while applying and interviewing for internship positions. 
  2. Students with transfer credits need to have completed their 3 year requirements with York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies to be eligible.

Once their internship position has been secured, students are required to register in the Internship Work Term course (i.e. zero credit) for each internship work term to a maximum of four work terms (i.e. 16 months) and pay the associated fee as established by the Career Centre.