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Education – Mathematics


The following courses, or approved equivalents, must be included for a teaching subject in mathematics. Courses can be chosen in consultation with a Faculty of Education mathematics adviser:

  • six credits in calculus;
  • six credits in linear algebra;
  • six credits in probability and statistics;
  • six credits in proof-based mathematics (or three credits in proof-based mathematics and three credits in modeling).

These courses above cover the requirements for junior/intermediate or a second teaching subject (24 credits).

For a first teaching subject (36 credits), and for additional breadth in a second teaching subject, students are encouraged to include a wider range of mathematics and should consider courses such as SC/MATH 4100 3.00 or SC/MATH 4400 6.00 (in addition to the list above). 24 credits in the teaching subject area must be completed prior to enrolling in ED/MATH 3051 6.00.

Students working towards an Honours specialist in mathematics (54 credits plus additional Ministry of Education requirements), may major in any of the programs within mathematics and statistics, i.e. Mathematics for Education, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Mathematics for Commerce, Computational Mathematics. With appropriate course selection, each of these programs offers good opportunities for preparation in mathematics. A minor in any of these programs is also appropriate for a first teaching subject in mathematics.