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Education – Concurrent BEd Programs


The Faculty of Education offers a Concurrent coregistered BEd degree as well as the following Concurrent coregistered BEd degrees: BEd (Jewish Teacher Education), BEd (French), BEd (Indigenous Teacher Education) and a Direct Entry program. Teacher candidates in the BEd Concurrent coregistered degree can also specialize in international education. Teacher candidates pursuing BEd studies also work towards the completion of a BA, BAS, iBA, BASc, BES, BHS, BSc, iBSc or BFA degree. The academic bachelor program, normally requiring three years for completion, will require four years when taken concurrently with the education degree. Similarly, a program normally requiring four years for completion could require five years.

Students must have a minimum C+ overall average or a 5.00 grade point average in their academic Faculty to be eligible for admission to and/or to maintain coregistration in any one of the three basic programs. Students wishing to graduate with a three-year bachelor program degree from their academic Faculty are eligible to enrol in the primary/junior or junior/intermediate programs only.

In order to coregister, students must be admitted to each Faculty separately. Only those students who are admitted to an undergraduate degree program at York are eligible to be admitted to the Faculty of Education. While coregistered, the combined study program of each candidate is subject to the approval of the two Faculties. The BEd degree is awarded only in conjunction with an academic degree as described above.

Successful graduates receive an undergraduate degree and a BEd degree, as well as a recommendation for the Ontario Certificate of Qualification.

Note: the Concurrent program is a three year program with a practicum to be completed in each year.

Standards and Procedures for Admission to the Concurrent BEd Program

To apply to the Faculty of Education, a student must:

  • have completed by April 30th a minimum of 24 credits (four full university courses) of a first year of undergraduate studies or the equivalent, and
  • have a minimum of 36 credits (six full university courses) left to complete their academic degree.

Applicants must have a minimum 5.00 (C+) overall average and be admitted to and continuing in an undergraduate program in one of the Faculties of Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, Glendon, Health, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Science or the Lassonde School of Engineering.

Applicants to the BEd (Indigenous Teacher Education) program, should also have completed ED/EDUC 2200 3.00 with a minimum C+ grade during the first year of university.

Applicants normally complete both degrees (e.g. BA and BEd) within four years of coregistering if they are taking a three year undergraduate degree. Both degrees must be conferred at the same convocation.

Applicants must attend both education classes and fulfill practicum requirements during the daytime throughout the academic year. A limited number of sections of some courses are offered in the evening.

Applicants must complete at least 12 credits (two full university courses) towards their academic degree in each calendar year (i.e. September to August) to comply with the concurrency requirements of the Faculty of Education.

Successful candidates are normally selected on the basis of education-related experience, references, university grade point averages and individual interviews.

Note: an application will not be regarded as complete until all documents and materials have been received by the Faculty of Education. It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that their file is complete by the application deadline.

Application forms for Concurrent programs are available in January for admission to the Faculty of Education for the following academic year. Application forms can be downloaded from the Faculty of Education website at For information contact BEd Student Services, Faculty of Education, 128 Winters College, tel.: 416-736-5001.

Please note that, with the exception of the BEd (French) program, Glendon students take their Concurrent BEd education courses at the Keele campus. Students in the BEd (French) program take their teaching subjects, the Adolescent and the Teacher course, and electives at the Keele campus.

Concurrent BEd Program Practicum

The first year field placement explores schools and their communities. Candidates spend 50 hours in this field placement during their first year in the program. The second and third year practica occur in schools and classrooms. This long-term association with a school’s program allows the candidate to observe the development of the curriculum and pupils over the course of the school year and to acquire an understanding of the school and its community. Over the three year period of the program, every attempt is made to familiarize candidates with different boards in the area, pupils of different age levels, a range of school offerings and a variety of social groups of pupils. (For further details on the Concurrent program practicum, please see the Faculty of Education website