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Labour Studies

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies

Location: S773 Ross Building, Tel.: 416-736-2100, ext. 77805
Web Site:
Program Coordinator: C. Lipsig-Mumme, Social Science
Affiliated Faculty: P. Craven, Social Science; C. Heron, History; J. Kainer, Social Science/Women’s Studies; S. Ross, Social Science

The interdisciplinary program in Work and Labour Studies draws widely on the social sciences, industrial relations and law to explore the Canadian and international world of work and workers in the global era. In addition to its core faculty (listed above), WALS draws on more than 50 York faculty who teach work and labour from more than a dozen disciplinary perspectives.

WALS is doubly focused: preparing students for graduate and professional further education; preparing students for work in the public and private sectors. WALS’ Labour Studies Placement course, now in its 19th year, has placed almost 300 students in internships with employers in the public, private and community sectors, which have led on to employment as well as to entry to graduate professional programs.

Labour studies students go on to graduate and professional studies in industrial relations, labour studies, human resource management, law, economics, public administration, environmental studies, political science, sociology, social work. Their careers are in law, government, the trade union movement, international development, the private sector, teaching, social work and occupational health and safety.