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Business and Society

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies

Location: S773 Ross Building, Tel.: 416-736-2100, ext. 77805
Web Site:
Program Coordinator: J.J. McMurtry
Affiliated Faculty: J.J. McMurtry, M. Peacock, D. Reed, R. Wellen

The Business and Society (BUSO) program is a liberal arts degree program that provides students with the tools needed to study and research the relationship between business and society. The Honours BA and BA degree programs in business and society represent innovative multidisciplinary degree programs that provide students with the opportunity to study the relationship between business and society in a variety of new forms. The core courses provide students with basic analytical tools to study business and society. In addition to the core, both Honours BA and BA students will choose courses from two of the following nine streams:

  • business ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • the environment
  • the firm
  • the global economy
  • labour
  • law and governance
  • the macro-economy
  • the media and communication
  • professions, occupations and social change
  • the social economy