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Certificate in English/Spanish, Spanish/English Translation - Glendon

Admissions Requirements

Applicants to the certificate must successfully complete an entrance exam before engaging in their course of study.

Applicants to the certificate must (a) have completed, by September, a minimum of one year of university or equivalent including GL/SP 2610 6.00 (cross-listed to: GL/LIN 2610 6.00) (see Glendon, Hispanic Studies Department section) or AS/SP 3000 6.00 (see Faculty of Arts, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics) or the equivalent; and (b) present a 5.00 (C+) average to be eligible for admission.

Internal applicants (i.e. students currently enrolled in a BA program at York University) who will not graduate prior to entering into the certificate program must be eligible to proceed in an Honours BA program in combination with the certificate.

External applicants must meet the Glendon/York University admission requirements and must be enrolled in a BA program in combination with the certificate.

Applicants, who will have completed or who have already completed a BA at York University or at another university before entering the certificate program, will be admitted as direct entry candidates, provided all other certificate entry requirements are met.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 33 credits, at least 27 of which must be at the 2000 level or higher, for the Certificate in Spanish-English/English-Spanish Translation.

English-Spanish/Spanish-English Translation

GL/SP 2300 6.00
GL/SP 3310 3.00
GL/SP 3320 3.00
GL/SP 3245 3.00
GL/SP 3250 3.00
GL/TRAN 3260 3.00
GL/TRAN 3270 3.00
GL/TRAN 4370 3.00
GL/TRAN 4610 3.00 (cross-listed to: GL/SP 4610 3.00)
GL/TRAN 4615 3.00 (cross-listed to: GL/SP 4615 3.00)
GL/TRAN 4620 3.00 (cross-listed to: GL/SP 4620 3.00)
GL/TRAN 4625 3.00 (cross-listed to: GL/SP 4625 3.00)

*Courses must be taken in the order shown.

(Note: Students must already have completed GL/SP 2610 6.00 (cross-listed to: GL/LIN 2610 6.00) or AS/SP 3000 6.00 or equivalent before admission into the program.)

To remain in the program a student must achieve a minimum grade of C in each course with a minimum cumulative average of 5.00 (C+) for the certificate program.

In addition to the course requirements, there is a final comprehensive examination.

Minimum Number of Courses Required for the Certificate

Students will be required to complete a minimum of 15 credits at Glendon to be eligible for the certificate.