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York-Sheridan Joint Program in Film and Media Arts - Fine Arts

Film students concentrating in production may study towards an Honours BFA degree and a diploma in one of five areas of study in the Media Arts program at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. The joint program allows a full-time student to complete an Honours BFA degree in film at York and a three-year diploma in Sheridan's Media Arts program, normally in five years of study. Participants must successfully complete 90 credits (15 full course equivalents) at York University comprising years one, two and three of the film production stream before enrolling at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. During years four and five, students take the equivalent of years two and three of Sheridan's Media Arts program. Sheridan Media Arts offers specialization in audio, multimedia, television and film. In addition, York students will participate in Sheridan's 12-week field placement program.

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Students who wish to enter the joint degree/diploma program must submit an application to both the York joint program coordinator and the Sheridan College joint program coordinator by February 15th of their third academic year at York. Minimum academic standing for applicants is a 6.0 (B) cumulative grade point average. Applicants must have successfully completed:

* FA/FACS 1900 6.00 is required of all Faculty of Fine Arts degrees. This course may be used to satisfy either the humanities general education requirement or a fine arts elective requirement, but not both.

Information and application materials may be obtained from 225 Centre for Film and Theatre, 416-736-5149. Applications must include two letters of reference to be sent directly to the York coordinator by the referees. Prospective candidates will be interviewed by the York and Sheridan Selection Committees. Programs will be tailored to each student through discussion with the coordinators.