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Political Science

The best preparation for teaching political science is a bachelor of arts degree or equivalent Honours degree in political science. Courses are to be chosen in consultation with a Faculty of Education adviser and/or the subject course director.

Requirements: Candidates for intermediate/senior political science must complete a total of 36 credits for a first teaching subject and 24 credits for a second teaching subject. Normally these would include one or more introductory courses such as AS/POLS 1000 6.00, AS/POLS 1400 6.00, or GL/POLS 1400 6.00. Candidates will include at least one course in methods of inquiry, research, or methodology such as AS/POLS 2300 6.00, AS/POLS 330 6.00, GL/POLS 2620 3.00, GL/POLS 3680 3.00 or the equivalent. Candidates will include at least one course that deals with each of the following areas: Canadian politics, global or international politics, and political theory or thought. Candidates will include a range of other areas of political science.