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The best preparation for teaching law is a bachelor of arts degree or equivalent Honours degree in law. Courses are to be chosen in consultation with a Faculty of Education adviser and/or the subject course director.

Requirements: Candidates for intermediate/senior law must complete a total of 36 credits for a first teaching subject and 24 credits for a second teaching subject. Candidates will include at least two courses in criminal law, such as AS/SOSC 2650 6.00 or AS/SOSC 2651 3.00. Candidates will include at least one course in any two of the following: philosophy of law, such as GL/SOSC 2925 3.00, crime and social conditions, such as GL/SOCI 3010 3.00, AK/SOCI 3561 6.00, or AS/SOSC 1350 9.00, the penal system, such as GL/SOSC 1610 6.00, or their equivalents. Other courses in law, criminal procedure, justice, and other areas related to law may be included.