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Individual and Society

The best preparation for teaching individual and society is a bachelor of arts degree or equivalent Honours degree in anthropology, sociology, psychology, social science, or philosophy. Courses are to be chosen in consultation with a Faculty of Education adviser and/or the subject course director.

Requirements: Candidates for intermediate/senior individual and society must complete a total of 36 credits for a first teaching subject and 24 credits for a second teaching subject. Candidates will include at least two of the four fields, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and philosophy in their program. Normally these would include at least one introductory course in two of these fields, such as AS/ANTH 1110 6.00, AS/SOCI 1010 6.00, HH/PSYC 1010 6.00, AS/SOSC 1000 9.00/AS/SOSC 1009 9.00/AS/SOSC 1012 9.00, AK/AS/PHIL 1000 6.00. Candidates will include at least one course that focuses upon methods of inquiry, research or methodology in one of the fields, such as HH/PSYC 3010 3.00, AS/ANTH 3110 6.00, AS/SOCI 2030 6.00, AS/PHIL 2200 3.00 or other equivalent methods, research or inquiry course in the field. Candidates will include a range of other courses in anthropology, sociology, psychology and philosophy.