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Communication Arts

This is a joint program with the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology.

Students in the Faculty of Arts may study concurrently towards an Honours BA or BA degree at York and a diploma or certificate in one of four areas of study in communication arts at Centennial or Seneca College. The following areas are available through the Community Colleges:

  • book and magazine publishing (Centennial - certificate)
  • corporate communications (Centennial - diploma)
  • creative advertising (Seneca - diploma)
  • radio and television broadcasting (Seneca - diploma)

Faculty of Arts students in an Honours BA program are eligible for entry to the joint program after the successful completion of a minimum of 90 credits at York, and students in a BA program are eligible for entry after the successful completion of 60 credits at York. All students must complete the requirements for an Honours BA or BA degree in the Faculty of Arts. The joint program normally takes one year longer to complete because some advanced standing credit is given by York and the college, if conditions of eligibility for advanced standing are met. For further information, contact the Student Academic Centre, Faculty of Arts, 103 Central Square, 416-736-5022.

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