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The Department of Anthropology concentrates on change in the contemporary world, especially in relation to new and emerging social challenges. Our courses deal with how people live their lives, as they do so often at the edge of political, social and cultural stability. As anthropologists, we are interested in exploring how people are subjected to, participate in and contest the processes of living in a world that is now interconnected by new and powerful economic, cultural and technological forces. Consideration is given to how class, race, gender and ethnic identity politics are produced and expressed in shifting local and global contexts of power. These themes are explored in a wide variety of courses that engage such topics as: development and the environment; media and popular culture; health, illness and disability; gender and sexualities; tourism, religion and science; diasporic communities and displaced peoples; violence and conflict; and the colonial process. Other courses focus on processes of change in the prehistoric and historic past. Our overall goal is to prepare students to ask critical questions about contemporary, past and future social life, and to provide students with the critical analytic tools required to understand our place in the social and cultural diversity of the world, past and present.

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