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Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Faculty of Arts offers programs of study leading to the Honours BA degree (120 credits) and the BA degree (90 credits). Students may proceed toward a degree at their own pace, and select courses from a wide variety of areas within the Faculty of Arts as well as from the offerings of other Faculties.

The Faculty of Arts also offers programs of study leading to the Honours International BA (iBA) degree (120 credits). The Honours iBA degree provides international experience and a global perspective through courses in language study, internationally-oriented courses, and study abroad.

The curriculum is designed to provide an education in the liberal arts; to foster students' abilities to read, write, speak and think critically; and to prepare students for post-graduate studies. To these ends, the curriculum includes both a general education component and more specialized fields of concentration, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary.

Fields of Concentration

The liberal arts have traditionally been organized into clearly defined disciplines, each with its own specialized subject matter and techniques, and each taught by a single department. The Faculty of Arts has developed undergraduate programs in a wide range of these disciplines, most of which can later be pursued in York's Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Faculty also recognizes the need for cooperation and cross-fertilization among different subjects and methods, and accordingly offers a number of programs in interdisciplinary studies, which draw on the resources of several departments. Interdisciplinary programs are available in a range of degree structures, some offering independent degrees, others linked to major programs in disciplines. For details on disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs, consult the Programs of Study section.