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Italian Culture - Arts

Note: With the establishment of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies on July 1, 2009, degrees and programs in the Faculty of Arts will be moved to the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies as of the Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Session. Grandparenting provisions have been developed for students continuing in degrees and programs currently offered in the Faculty of Arts. Details are available on the York University Current Students Web site (

Honours Minor BA Program

The Honours Minor must be pursued jointly with an Honours BA program in the Faculty of Arts.

Note: For purposes of meeting program requirements, all foundations courses will count as six credits towards the major or minor.

The Honours Minor in Italian culture comprises at least 30 credits including:

Students must satisfy an Italian language requirement. They may do so by completing six credits in Italian language (e.g. AS/IT 1000 6.00) or equivalent.

Note: Faculty of Arts legislation requires that, in order to obtain an Honours BA (120 credits), students must take a total of at least 18 credits at the 4000 level, including at least 12 credits at the 4000 level in each Honours Major or Specialized Honours Major.

Italian Studies Courses

Not all of the courses listed below will necessarily be offered in any given year. For more information, please consult the relevant supplemental calendar.

Courses Taught in English:

AS/IT 2761 9.00 (cross-listed to: AS/HUMA 2761 9.00)
AS/IT 3201 6.00
AS/HIST 3250 6.00
AS/HIST 3350 6.00
AS/HIST 3365 3.00
AS/HIST 3391 6.00
AS/HIST 4250 6.00
AK/AS/GL/WMST 3515 6.00
FA/FACS 3450 3.00
FA/VISA 2560 6.00 (cross-listed to: AS/HUMA 2140 6.00)
AS/IT 3761 3.00 (offered only in the summer session)
AS/IT 3771 3.00 (offered only in the summer session)

Language Courses:

AS/IT 1000 6.00
AS/IT 2000 6.00
AS/IT 3000 6.00
AS/IT 4000 6.00
AS/IT 4190 3.00

With the approval of the program coordinator, students may complete other courses for credit in Italian studies. Subject to course exclusion and in-Faculty regulations, students may complete courses offered outside of the Faculty of Arts for credit in choice of courses. Students who meet language and other prerequisites may take courses with an IT prefix that are taught in Italian studies.