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Individualized Studies - Arts

Note: With the establishment of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies on July 1, 2009, degrees and programs in the Faculty of Arts will be moved to the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies as of the Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Session. Grandparenting provisions have been developed for students continuing in degrees and programs currently offered in the Faculty of Arts. Details are available on the York University Current Students Web site (

Specialized Honours BA Program

The Specialized Honours program in Individualized Studies is designed for students who wish to pursue a topic or line of enquiry that requires drawing together courses from several of the University's disciplines or fields of study.

Students interested in pursuing an individualized studies degree will be asked by the coordinator to prepare a statement describing the particular subject they wish to pursue. They will also be asked to identify a set of courses, from the Faculty of Arts and elsewhere, which are relevant to this theme. If the coordinator is satisfied that the proposed subject cannot be adequately pursued under an established program or departmental major and that sufficient courses and faculty expertise exist to support individualized study in the area in question, the student will be permitted to enter the Individualized Studies program. Normally, students are eligible to join the program if they have completed at least 24 credits and no more than 66 credits by the start of the academic year.

Students in individualized studies must successfully complete and follow all the regulations for a degree in Specialized Honours in the Faculty of Arts. In addition, they must take, as part of the 54 credits relevant to their theme, the Individualized Studies Thesis Course, AS/INDV 4000 6.00. This course is to be taken during the student's final year of study.