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Petitions and Appeals

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the University policy on Petitions and Grade Reappraisal before taking any steps which may have costly repercussions or affect their academic progress. The purpose of a petition is to request an exemption from a regulation or deadline. Being unfamiliar of regulations or deadlines does not constitute a valid reason for a petition.

For further information, Atkinson students may contact: the Atkinson Faculty Council Office, 143 Atkinson Building, telephone: 416-650-8193, fax: 416-650-8179, Web site:, e-mail:

1. Petition:

A written request for the waiver of an academic regulation or deadline. A petition cannot be used to create legislation (i.e. a degree program) that does not exist. Petitions are submitted to and considered by a student's home Faculty.

Petitions relating to a student's enrolment status in a course will only be considered if they are submitted within 30 days of the last day of classes. Such petitions may be considered for a period of up to one year if they are based on special circumstances.

2. Petitions procedures:

The Committee on Petitions, on behalf of the Atkinson Faculty Council, considers Atkinson student petitions for exceptions to all Faculty regulations, including petitions to continue studies without interruption in cases where a student has been required to withdraw or debarred. The Committee will give due consideration to transition difficulties documented by students in their first university session. Petitions are held in the strictest confidence. The Committee considers the petition itself, any supporting documentation (from professors or medical practitioners) and other relevant information contained in the student's record. Students may not normally appear in person.

3. Initiating a petition:

To initiate a petition, Atkinson students should obtain a petition package and relevant forms such as a Student Course Performance Summary (CPS) form, and/or an Attending Physician's Statement (APS) form, and/or a Statement by Counselling and Development Counsellor form. All forms are available from the Atkinson Faculty Council Office, 143 Atkinson Building or online at:

Note: Students in the Faculties of Arts, Education, Fine Arts and Science and Engineering must petition to the Registrar's Office. Students from Faculties not listed should contact the respective Office of Student Programs.

Student academic petitions must be presented on the appropriate petition form (available from the Atkinson Faculty Council Office) and accompanied by a personal letter outlining the specific request and statement of grounds for the petition as well as relevant original supporting documentation such as medical certificates, letters from employers etc.

Note: Student petitions regarding standing in a course must be accompanied by a Student Course Performance Summary (CPS) form filled out by the course director.

When a petition appears to be complete and has been processed by the Atkinson Faculty Council Office, it is brought anonymously to the Committee on Petitions. Students will be notified in writing of the decisions made on their petition(s).

4. Appeal:

An appeal is a written request for the alteration of the decision taken on a petition generally made to the same level but to another person, panel or committee.

Appeals against decisions of the Atkinson Committee on Petitions will be permitted only on the grounds of:

(a) new evidence, or

(b) evidence of procedural irregularity in the committee's consideration of the case.