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<Joseph E. Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies

School and Department Directory

School of Administrative Studies

282 Atkinson Building; Telephone: 416-736-5210; Fax: 416-736-5963; e-mail:
Director of the School: John Parkinson
Undergraduate Program Director: Sandra Scott
Coordinators of Administrative Studies:

Auditing and Management Information Systems: Ingrid Splettstoesser-Hogeterp
Emergency Management: Niru Nirupama
Finance: Dale Domian
Financial Accounting: Brian Gaber, Sandra Scott
Human Resource Management: Steve McKenna
Income Tax Law: Thaddeus Hwong
Introduction to Administrative Studies: Leonard Karakowsky
Law, Governance and Ethics: Richard Leblanc
Management: Randy Hoffman
Management Accounting: Nelson Waweru
Management Science: Henry Bartel
Marketing: Pilar Carbonell

The School of Administrative Studies is home to a full range of business and administrative disciplines taught by leading experts in a variety of fields. Our innovative programs provide the knowledge and skills that you want and employers demand.

Whether you are planning to pursue a career in business and management, or are already working and want to expand your knowledge of business concepts and practices, the bachelor of administrative studies programs (BAS, BAS Honours) or the bachelor of human resources management programs (BHRM, BHRM Honours) will prepare you to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

School of Arts and Letters

625 Atkinson Building; Telephone: 416-736-5900; Fax: 416-736-5766; e-mail:
Chair of the School: Joan Gibson
Undergraduate Program Director: Stephen Cain
Coordinator of Culture and Expression: David McNab
Coordinator of English: Nanci White
Coordinator of History: Franc Sturino
Coordinator of Humanities: Franc Sturino
Coordinator of Philosophy: Joseph Keeping
Coordinator of Religious Studies: Franc Sturino
Coordinator of Women's Studies/School of Women's Studies: Ruby Newman
Coordinator of Writing Programs: Leslie Sanders

The School of Arts and Letters is dedicated to the study of literature, history, culture, philosophy and religion. School programs allow students to pursue their degrees in a traditional discipline, or follow an interdisciplinary course of study.

The School of Arts and Letters is also the home of the Atkinson coordinator for the Women's Studies program which is formally linked at York University under one administrative structure -- the School of Women's Studies.

The humanities and modes of reasoning general education program and Atkinson Writing Programs (comprised of credit courses and the Essay Tutoring Centre) are housed within the School of Arts and Letters. For more information on writing programs and essay tutoring, refer to the Student Services section.

The school also offers the following certificates: Biblical Studies, Practical Ethics, Professional Ethics, Sexuality Studies, Women's Studies, and Women's Studies: Theory and Practice (offered in conjunction with the School of Women's Studies).


2005 Technology Enhanced Learning Building; Telephone: 416-736-5232; Fax: 416-736-5188; e-mail:
Chair: Ida Ferrara
Undergraduate Program Director: Ying Kong

The Economics unit within the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies offers an academic program leading to degrees in business economics and economics at the BA and BA Specialized Honours levels. Students in our program are provided with real case studies that enable instructors to impart the theoretical foundations of the discipline and illustrate the application of concepts and models to practical business problems in areas such as market forecasting, pricing policies, strategic financing, and business development. Our graduates are well prepared to begin or to advance in a variety of careers in business, government and the not-for-profit sector.

School of Information Technology

3068 Technology Enhanced Learning Building; Telephone: 416-736-2100 (ext. 22647 or 40797); Fax: 416-736-5287; e-mail:
Director: Radu Campeanu
Undergraduate Program Director: Jimmy Huang

The School of Information Technology prepares IT professionals prepared to work with both technical and non-technical users of information. The graduates of the Information Technology programs are uniquely positioned to plan, design, build and administer information systems. They are familiar with the latest technologies and are capable of customizing and integrating them according to the users' needs.

School of Public Policy and Administration

North 802 Ross Building; Telephone: 416-736-5384; Fax: 416-736-5382; e-mail:
Director: J. Magee
Undergraduate Program Director: TBA

The School of Public Policy and Administration brings together the interdisciplinary research and teaching experience of its highly regarded faculty in a variety of degree and certificate programs. In addition to York's long-established BA in public policy and administration (PPA), the school offers new innovative undergraduate degree programs in public policy and management (PPM), and public administration and justice studies (PAJS). The graduate degree program of the school is the executive-style master's degree in public policy, administration and law (MPPAL). The school has two graduate Diplomas in Democratic Administration and Justice System Administration, as well as a Certificate in Public Sector Management.

The school prepares graduates for careers ranging from the private to the not-for-profit and public sectors as well as for post-graduate studies in the social sciences and professional programs.

School of Social Sciences

302 Atkinson Building; Telephone: 416-736-5235; Fax: 416-650-3876; e-mail:
Chair of the School: Tania Das Gupta
Undergraduate Program Director: TBA

The School of Social Sciences houses faculty members in four disciplines: political science; social science, sociology, and geography/urban studies. It offers BA and BA Specialized Honours degrees in both political science and sociology. It also offers Interdisciplinary BA and BA Specialized Honours degrees in race, ethnicity and indigeneity and social science. The race, ethnicity and indigeneity degrees include courses in the disciplines of english, geography, history, humanities, political science, social science, social work, sociology and women's studies. The social science degrees include courses in the disciplines of geography and urban studies, political science, social science and sociology.

The School of Social Sciences offers streams in communication studies; diaspora cultures; gender and families; political economy; public administration and public policy; social justice studies; work and the workplace in combination with degrees. Also available are certificates in aboriginal studies; anti-racist research and practice; and refugee and migration studies. Individual streams may be taken in combination with a specified major degree program.

School of Social Work

Kinsmen Building; Telephone: 416-736-5226; Fax: 416-650-3861; e-mail:
Director of Social Work: Wilburn Hayden Jr
Undergraduate Program Director: Amy Rossiter

The School of Social Work at Atkinson is committed to providing professional social work education, characterized by the development of practice strategies that promote human rights and social justice. Recognized as one of the most progressive and socially responsive social work programs in Canada, the school's unique curriculum addresses issues that have significant implications for the lives of marginalized and alienated segments of society. Graduates will be well prepared for a career as a critical practitioners and effective agents of change in the lives of individuals and communities.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, 1003 Computer Science and Engineering Building (CSE). Office hours: 10am - noon and 2pm - 4pm. Telephone: 416-736-5334; Fax: 416-736-5872; e-mail:

All computer science courses at York University's Keele Campus are centralized with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, which is located in the Computer Science and Engineering Building. The department ensures course availability for students dependent on Atkinson's commitment to flexibility.

Chair of the Department: Peter Cribb
Undergraduate Director: George Tourlakis

If your goal is to pursue an exciting, challenging, and rewarding career in a computer science field, Atkinson's bachelor of arts (BA) and bachelor of science (BSc) degree programs will help you get there. Offered through the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in affiliation with the Faculty of Science and Engineering, our Computer Science programs are designed to provide you with both the theoretical grounding and practical knowledge that will make you a sought after professional.

The Computer Science Accreditation Council (CSAC) accredits all computer science Honours degree programs offered in the Faculties of Atkinson, Arts and Science and Engineering (with the exception of the BA and BSc Honours Minor offered in the Faculties of Arts and Science and Engineering).

You will study with top ranked professors and students, enjoy the flexibility of day and evening classes, and utilize state-of-the-art computer laboratories and facilities. You may even become involved in one of many exciting research projects in the areas of vision, graphics and robotics, theory of computing, or computer systems.

School of Women's Studies

206 Founders College; Telephone: 416-650-8144; Web address:

All women's studies courses at York University are centralized under the School of Women's Studies, which is located in the Founders College. The Atkinson coordinator, affiliated with the School of Arts and Letters, advises Atkinson women's studies majors and ensures course availability for students dependent on Atkinson's commitment to flexibility. Women's studies is an interdisciplinary area of study, which provides valuable background for a variety of occupations.

Associate Professor and Chair of the School/Professeure agrégée et directrice de École des études des femmes : Bettina Bradbury
Director of Undergraduate Programs/Directrice des programs de premier cycles : Ena Dua
Coordinator of Part-Time Program (Atkinson): Ruby Newman

Women's studies is both a complement and a corrective to established fields at York and a new academic discipline of its own. Until recently, both the humanities and the social sciences reflected predominantly male perspectives. Women have been largely invisible in literature, art, history, philosophy, politics, social sciences and law. Through cross-cultural and disciplinary assessment, women's studies exposes misconceptions about women expressed through myth, ideologies, teachings and writings. It replaces negative cultural images of women with visions that reaffirm women's strength, capability and intelligence.

In December 1997, women's studies resources at York University were formally linked under one administrative structure -- the School of Women's Studies. The School of Women's Studies unites academic resources at York University in women's studies, bringing together the undergraduate and graduate programs, the non-credit bridging program and the Centre for Feminist Research/Le centre de recherches féministes à York.