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Computer Security (BA) - Atkinson

Note: As a result of the restructuring at the University, this program will be moved to the Faculty of Science and Engineering (pending Senate approval) as of the Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Session. Grandparenting provisions have been developed for students currently in this program in the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies. Details are available on the York University Current Students Web site (

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
George Tourlakis

This is a Specialized Honours program that focuses on understanding threats to computer security and the techniques for combating those threats. The program requires in-depth study of computer networks, operating systems, cryptography, database systems and software engineering techniques. In addition, practical ethics and the study of law as it relates to privacy, intellectual property, and theft in our digital world, are important complementary topics that may be chosen as electives.

The department general prerequisite cumulative grade point average over all computer science major courses must be met to proceed in the program. All 2000-level and above computer science courses have general prerequisite requirements that must be met before proceeding to the next level of study. Please refer to the departmental supplementary calendar for further program details.

Note 1: A modes of reasoning (MODR) course is required to fulfill the general education requirement. A mathematics course may not be taken to fulfill this requirement.

Note 2: AK/MATH 1190 3.00 must be taken if the student has not passed 12U Geometry and Discrete Math.

Note 3: The student must choose to take either AK/AS/SC/CSE 1020 3.00 and AK/AS/SC/CSE 1030 3.00 or AK/ITEC 1620 3.00 and AK/ITEC 1630 3.00 and AK/ITEC 2620 3.00; either combination of courses meets prerequisites for 2000-level CSE courses, with a C+ grade in either AK/AS/SC/CSE 1030 3.00 or AK/ITEC 2620 3.00.

Note 4: Wherever specified ITEC courses are used to satisfy degree requirements in this program they will also be used in the general prerequisite grade point average calculation.

Note 5: Students prior to entering the Computer Security program are required to have completed grade 12U Advanced Functions and one other 12U mathematics course, overall grade no less than 75 per cent and no math course less than 65 per cent, or the equivalent.

BA Specialized Honours: 120 credits (minimum)

All Honours degree candidates must complete at least 30 credits which are neither computer science, mathematics nor information technology.

General education requirements: 24 credits including:

  • six credits 1000-level humanities;
  • six credits 1000-level mathematics or modes of reasoning;
  • six credits 1000-level natural science;
  • six credits 1000-level social science.

Required credits outside the major: AK/AS/SC/MATH 1025 3.00; AK/AS/SC/MATH 1090 3.00; AK/AS/SC/MATH 1131 3.00; AK/AS/SC/MATH 1300 3.00; AK/AS/SC/MATH 1310 3.00; AK/AS/SC/MATH 2030 3.00; AK/AS/PHIL 2075 3.00 or AS/SC/STS 3500 3.00.

Major: 59 credits including:

AK/AS/SC/CSE 1019 3.00 (cross-listed to: AK/AS/SC/MATH 1019 3.00); AK/AS/SC/CSE 1020 3.00 and AK/AS/SC/CSE 1030 3.00 or AK/ITEC 1620 3.00 and AK/ITEC 1630 3.00 and AK/ITEC 2620 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 2001 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 2011 3.00;AK/AS/SC/CSE 2021 4.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 2031 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 3000 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 3101 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 3213 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 3221 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 3311 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 3421 3.00 or AK/ITEC 3220 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 3481 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 4161 3.00 (cross-listed to: AK/AS/SC/MATH 4161 3.00); AK/AS/SC/CSE 4213 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 4413 3.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 4481 4.00; AK/AS/SC/CSE 4482 3.00.

Upper-level courses: Of the 120 credits a minimum of 36 credits must be taken at the 3000 level or above including at least 18 credits at the 4000 level.

Residency requirement: At least 30 credits not used toward another academic program are to be taken at York University. Half the major; double major; or, major/minor credits must be taken through Atkinson.

Graduation: Students must pass at least 120 credits that meet Atkinson degree and program requirements. The cumulative grade point average for all courses must be at least 5.00.

Course Substitutes

Subject to course exclusions, program requirements/restrictions, and residence requirements, the following courses are acceptable substitutes for the purpose of meeting program requirements.

Program Course Course Substitutes
AK/AS/SC/CSE 1019 3.00 AK/AS/SC/MATH 2320 3.00 (taken prior to Summer 2004)
AS/SC/MATH 1025 3.00 AK/AS/SC/MATH 1021 3.00 or AK/AS/SC/MATH 2221 3.00 or AK/AS/SC/MATH 2021 3.00
AK/AS/SC/MATH 1300 3.00 AS/SC/MATH 1000 3.00 or AS/SC/MATH 1013 3.00
AK/AS/SC/MATH 1310 3.00 AS/SC/MATH 1010 3.00 or AS/SC/MATH 1014 3.00